9 July - 5 September, 2021

South London Gallery

one moment in Sarah Staton's long-running SupaStore series





Merlin Carpenter, (Title Unknown), (Title Unknown), (Title Unknown), (Title Unknown), 1993. Set of four separate black and white photo prints framed by the artist. Each frame 51 x 65 cm, each photo 30.5. x 40.5 cm.

Artwork comprises: original prints, frames and mounts restored by Fletcher Art Sevices in 2021. Glass replaced with UV Plexiglass, with additional plexiglass sheet on reverse. Fixing nails replaced with tape, and photos separated from mounts with additional acid-free layer.

Shown once previously: 9th November 1993, at the the Cologne "Unfair" art fair booth of Friedrich Petzel/Nina Borgmann, New York. Originally hung in a "block" as above. The photo was taken in the Rhine/Ruhr region of Germany. These works relate to the March 1994 MC solo at Friedrich Petzel/Nina Borgmann New York which featured Photoshop collages of street photography exhibited as 12 Iris prints.

These prints were made by Merlin Carpenter with Uwe Gabriel at Gabriel's darkroom in Cologne. A fifth framed work was also made.

Merlin Carpenter was also in the first SupaStore, in London, in 1993.








In it: Felicitas Aga, Francesca Anfossi, Simon Bill, Shane Bradford/Assembly Line, Chila Kumari Singh Burman, Ben Cain/Assembly Line, Merlin Carpenter, Peter Culley, Denise de Cordova, Declined & Deceased, Arnaud Desjardin, D.N.A, Mila Dolman, Leo Fitzmaurice, Hiromi Fukikoshi RC, Coco Fukuhara, RIP Germain (seen in foreground above), Susie Green, Oona Grimes, Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger, Natalie Price Hafslund, Hamilton & Verhoeven, Phillipa Horan, Deming Huang, Steph Huang, Ffian Jones, Paul Kindersley, Eve Lam, Jas Lasode, Tanya Ling, David Lisbon, LITMIS, Camille Løw, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Jane Millar, Claire Mouton & Marie-Sophie Robert, Flore Mycek, Claes Oldenburg, Janette Parris, Zoë Pencils, Simon Popper, Tom Railton, Cullinan Richards, Giles Round, Karin Ruggaber, Yinka Shonibare, Dani Smith, Sarah Staton, ADAM the Strand, Body Odor Studios, Katarina Sylvan, Sam Tahmassebi, Jake Tilson, Joel Tomlin, Gavin Turk, Demelza Watts, Camille Yvert, Abbas Zahedi.