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“You need to question a product if its return surpasses 6 per cent. If its return is higher than 8 per cent, the product is dangerous. If its return is above 10 per cent, you should be prepared to lose all of your principal,” Guo said. "this bull market is not over." A horrific winter of death. Germany’s DAX stock index feasts upon mass death. “The long, long bull market since 2009 has finally matured into a fully fledged epic bubble,” the 82-year-old financier said. “Featuring extreme overvaluation, explosive price increases, frenzied issuance, and hysterically speculative investor behaviour, I believe this event will be recorded as one of the great bubbles of financial history, right along with the South Sea bubble, 1929, and 2000.”

Exponentials are so cruel that nobody wants to look them in the eye. These hedge fund guys go on air and it’s like they’re trying to spook the herd in the direction of their trades. They tell everyone to get out when they’re short, and once all the meat is all off the bone, they go long, just in time for the recovery. They get to call the top and the bottom of the market. It’s totally fucked.



In life one should try to stay inside the tent to win the arguments but ultimately there comes a breaking point.




In a word, NFTs are bullshit. And, like most forms of bullshit in America — think WeWork, the Fyre Festival, or any number of other venture capital-hatched disruption rackets — they’ve come packaged in a phony populist language of community and an even phonier rhetoric of innovation. Because they’re “unique” objects, NFTs are a perfect vehicle for wash trading. You can easily ensure you only wash trade to yourself. The common scheme is to wash trade with yourself until some credible dunce buys the NFT from you at your manufactured “fair” value, leaving you to walk away with real money. NFTs are part of the solution. There are endless possibilities and it will become the greatest creative renaissance in human history.

In related mindless spending efforts, Bezos has also reportedly invested $42 million dollars into a 500-foot tall mechanical clock capable of running for 10 thousand years.

An ‘unhealthy addiction’ to the stats.






Predicted best-selling cassette albums for 2020

1. Lady Gaga - Chromatica

2. 5 Seconds Of Summer - Calm

3. Yungblud - Weird

4. The 1975 - Notes On A Conditional Form

5. Blackpink - The Album

6. Selena Gomez - Rare

7. Kylie Minogue - Disco

8. Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

9. Haim - Women In Music Pt III

10. The Streets - None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive






How does the capitalist social form necessitate these pandemic effects?

I’m glad you can afford it, we have had no access to grants, loans etc at all and are about to lose our home.

WFH Work from Home
WFH Whitefish (Amtrak station code; Whitefish, MT)
WFH World Federation of Hemophilia (Fédération Mondiale de l'Hémophilie)
WFH Workflow Habitat
WFH Working From Home
WFH Willem Frederik Hermans (Dutch writer)
WFH Work for Hire
WFH Warriors for Hire (fanfiction)
WFH Worldfest-Houston (film festival; Houston, TX)
WFH Week from Hell
WFH World Federation of Healing
WFH Wages for Housework
WFH Wholeness For Humanity (Washington, DC)
WFH We Fly High
WFH Warsztaty Fotograficzne Hejber (Hejber Photographic Workshop)
WFH Weep for Humanity (website)
WFH Workfile History

Hubbard’s work encompasses video art, sculpture and painting, exploring the boundaries of each via a cross-examination that invigorates an array of media in new and inventive ways.



“We’re going to bury Biden on January 6th, fucking bury him.”

“These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long,” he tweeted. “Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!” A “selfish man’s injured pride”. I don’t much like what Trump does or says, but I’ve got good reasons for setting misgivings aside. “He screwed his supporters, he screwed the country and now he’s screwed himself.” “God is in control. Trump isn’t done. The best is yet to come,” wrote another.

This repressed truth, in the context of the Hysteric’s Discourse, animates (unconscious) desire to constantly shift from one object to the next. The Other cannot provide all the needed information and put an end to the pandemic. This is what many subjects do not wish to see. The point is its underlying binary of good vs. bad, a binary that is reproduced by the very functioning of social media where users can either see everything or very little. Posting thus marks a momentary end to the affective experiences and brings back a sense of agency to the individual. In that sense, those posts, even though they reveal a tendency of splitting, are useful for individuals and their mental health—at least momentarily. Given the ongoing pandemic, the uncertainty and anxiety that many feel will return and there is a need for it to be discharged again. However, splitting is only an attempt to symbolically cover over a kind of affective void at the core of individuals.






Everyone who is agitating against their bosses needs to not only read these inquiries carefully, but also keep a diary of their own daily workplace experience and observations. Rosa Luxemburg pointed out, “historical experience” is our “only teacher,” where in the process we make “countless mistakes,” but more importantly we learn from them. Writing them down helps us remember, interpret and overcome these failures.

PIn his book Irrational Exuberance (2000), the economist and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller examines the role of “attention cascades” in driving market volatility and points to research that suggests large moves in prices are more likely to happen in times of national crisis. People who may have started out concerned about local businesses stayed at home glued to screens, where they were exposed to ever more extreme content. Pump and dump subreddits. “If you don’t have your own SPAC, you’re nobody.”

That house is one big empty soulless block. How could anyone be happy living there? It's worse than an art gallery.



Danke ein sehr guten video mit information.

"I feel like I'm broken and no longer me."

100,000 Tories stranded in the UK.

Poetical tactics for intertwining discourses of race, gender and privilege whilst keeping sparkles of revolution alive.

Looking at Winslet today, gently grand in the warmth of her Aga.

Play Guitar By Ear In 1 Hour. Avoid The Headaches 97% Of Guitarists Fall Into. Do This To Play Guitar Without Thinking.


The EXTENDED SMART deadline ~ Sunday, January 31st, 2021 ~ is TOMORROW!
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The fair focuses on valorizing artworks while respecting and highlighting their role within the architectural spaces they inhabit. Adding to the innovative nature of our vision, accepts the primary crypto-values as a form of payment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, since 2017.

Children of Bodom was known during its peak years for its huge wine rider, and was rumored to be even the most comprehensive in Europe.

“To be able to hear Wembley like it was and to know how that will have been around the country is an honour,” Southgate said. “Because we’re a special country, we are historically an incredible country and I know I couldn’t be prouder to be an Englishman. I can’t be prouder to have the opportunity to lead my country so to bring happiness at this time where it’s been so difficult is a very special feeling".




Infrastructure doesn’t flex, therefore the process must.



Value relations cannot be used to establish non value relations. The new window gives new predictions for where the re-entry might happen. But again, this doesn’t really mean anything: that’s the middle of the window, but even missing that by a few minutes would be enough to wildly change the location – and there is currently a four hour window.

You’ve read fewer than 5 articles in the last year, so it looks like you’re quite new here. Welcome to the Guardian

Every single one of us quit on the spot and applied for jobs driving horse-drawn carriages around Montmartre; that’s how Keane-buggeringly gorgeous and romantic this song was. He invests a massive amount in his disguise or rather a costume, like an actor performing in the theatre of lies. A key characteristic of criminal networks is their agility in adapting to and capitalising on changes in the environment in which they operate. Obstacles become criminal opportunities.

“Investing in Deliveroo means associating yourself with the exploitative and unstable business model that it champions and has set aside millions to defend... it means standing on the wrong side of history with nothing but bad press, litigation and industrial action to look forward to.”

“it’s not as bad as it looks”. And this is true – but only because, in a world of social media, instant messaging and millions of views in just a few hours, how something looks matters more than ever. When it comes to electricity, “the computer doesn’t care. The computer is just getting the electricity to run”.



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Nothing good ever came out of conflict and fanaticism, and I say that from personal experience.









“Pardner is home to some of the most significant conversations happening in contemporary art right now and several of the artists have been my mentors,” says Emily Big. “I'm quite thrilled to join the gallery at this moment yet I have always felt very much welcomed and supported there. In fact, fifteen years ago PARDNER gave me some great advice that I never forgot and that has served me through today. The past four years of collaboration with Sinking's Ship were incredibly dynamic. I'm very grateful for Sinking's stewardship, expertise, and top-notch professionalism. I remain a huge fan of her gallery.”

“I am incredibly happy and proud of all the wonderful things Emily and my gallery accomplished—from museum shows to institutional acquisitions and so much more,” says Sinking Ship, Big’s prior US representative. “It means a lot to me to know that Emily will be in such good hands with Pardner and his partners. I’m looking forward to this exciting next chapter for Emily, and I am wishing her and everybody at Pardner's my very, very best.”

Pard of the problem, it seems is that the government is in denial, unwilling to acknowledge the scale of the problems.

A spokeswoman for Twitter said the ban undermined "the public conversation and the rights of people to make their voices heard". Facebook, which owns Instagram, called on the authorities to "restore connectivity". “Do you remember what you tweeted five minutes ago?” Nobody could remember. I generally stay away from social media. It’s immeasurably inimical to public discourse.


Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire


Pure anger and no fear.








Revolution and dialectics do not forgive the betrayal of their principles even to their greatest champions.

Dear Merlin,

I would like to explore with you the opportunity to be featured on We offer the prospect of one interview/review by an art critic chosen by us to be published on Our sponsored posts have a cost of $ 300.00. Our Sponsored Posts are inserted directly into our editorial flow and promoted by email and social media. Each post is fully shareable and features the same content experience as editorial stories to speak directly with our readers.


Dass die Zahlen derart explodiert seien, sei "eine Folge zögerlichen Vorgehens" gewesen.

This is why Hegel acquires the full right to consider as a part of logic – as a part of the science of thinking – the objective determinations of things that exist outside consciousness, outside an individual mind. Thinking as a specifically human capacity consists in the social human being’s activity to carry out his activity in agreement with the objective forms and laws of existence and development of that objective reality, and carry out any activity regardless of the material in which it is realised, including activity in the sphere of language, in the material of signs, terms, and words. Our attention and lust for discussion is on the rise. In 1914 Lenin made a note in the margins of Hegel’s The Science of Logic: ‘Breaks in gradualness ... Gradualness explains nothing without leaps. Leaps! Leaps! Leaps.'





Hanson thus becomes another chunk of raw material – cannon fodder, even – to populate an ever-growing genre of tales, stacked up and packaged to keep viewers and readers entertained as they while away the hours of enforced "lockdown" idleness.


You might ask whether a rocketing stock market benefits the 93% of Americans who have no stock investments (or large pension funds). “Every idiosyncratic thing Google does becomes the industry standard,” he says.

Fascism is the mass destruction of dignity.
* “The use of the flag, veterans, dressing smartly at the war memorial etc give voters a sense of authentic values alignment.”


Forget a crash helmet. I never test a car on a banked circuit in anything other than a Trilby.


“Through the reading keys that the writer seems to have left there, [it] gives access to the primitive Proustian crypt,” Gallimard said. Both Gilroy and Gilmore endorse the likelihood that the path forward will not be straightforward—there will be “detours, loops, new roads.” They see in the present signs of a “rehearsal for the future”—allowing for new relationships, new expectations, new desires, new organizational forms. Gilroy argues for the development of a “different conception of democracy” while Gilmore, building on the ideas of the English writer, Raymond Williams, suggests that we may be on the verge of seeing new “structures of feeling” crystallizing that will come to define the emerging era.

This is what happened at the end of the USSR, when many people basically stopped fulfilling their professional responsibilities. Not so much a strike as just lack of motivation and despondence. The revolutionary working class only has two weapons. Its consciousness and its organisations. You can have all the theoretical preparation you like, but revolutionaries outside of a real class movement are powerless. There is a need for a new revolutionary workers’ international to both contribute towards the creation of such a movement, and to act as a guard against the penetration of anti-working class ideas into the struggle.

Those marginal subjects who are perhaps opportunistically silent about structural and systemic problems are preferentially given platforms, despite or even because they were vocal critics of the very multi-culturalism and diversity that is ostensibly being championed today.

Freely operating in between and borrowing from numerous historical influences and traditions, the artist aims to find meaning through a spiritual or asemic mode of apparition.


Will Smith news

“During his acceptance speech Will Smith said, ‘Love will make you do crazy things.’ You know what else makes you do crazy things? Crazy.

It is understood he wanted to 'get on the front foot' and finally get his side of the story across to the public. Claimed he had believed it was a “work event”. The BBC funding cut, which could fundamentally change the corporation as it enters its centenary year, appears to be a central theme of Johnson’s fightback strategy, which is reportedly called Operation Red Meat. Cummings then revealed the much more damaging particulars of one other gathering within the Quantity 10 backyard on Could 20, 2020. It concerned round 40 folks, together with Johnson, and was organized by a senior civil servant with a memo advising invitees to “deliver your individual booze”. He then made a 60-mile spherical journey to Barnard Citadel to “see if I may drive safely"... relations with the prime minister began to bitter across the time of the Barnard Citadel incident and in November 2020 Cummings misplaced an influence battle with Carrie Johnson, the prime minister’s spouse. He walked out of 10 Downing Avenue clutching a cardboard field which, observers famous on the time, may comprise damaging secrets and techniques. The chancellor’s allies harassed that no matter Cummings’ motives for attacking Johnson, there was no conspiracy... “Replace the black, dark blue, and grey suits in your closet with brown, powder blue and tan hued suits".











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Unmoored, self-obsessed, middle-class individuals. Disoriented, panicked and frightened by social and political developments, unable to find any progressive or rational social outlet for their thoughts and emotions. Pure anger and no fear. It’s difficult to recognize a regime change in real time.
















“Covid-19 has prompted a period of awakening for workers, particularly essential workers, over what they should endure.”

Providing false or deliberately misleading information when filling out your passenger locator form is an offence punishable by imprisonment. You could be fined up to £10,000, imprisoned for up to 10 years or both if you do not provide accurate details about the countries you have visited in the 10 days before you arrived in the UK.


Politicians at all levels of government were now “using the variant as a crutch to prop themselves up and to justify their mistakes and their negligence over the epidemic”.

Things go badly wrong when the public are bothered about bad law, have no intention of abiding by it, and the police therefore have no chance of enforcing it.

“If you don’t have a base of support and you get into trouble, you’re dead meat.”





Vans Warped Tour, a now-defunct staple of the pop-punk scene. This Bring awareness of self that I am not the Body and not even the Mind.








Spectacularly self-serving.

As many as three retail jobs are lost for every job that Amazon creates.

The deep connections between life on land and in the sea.

normally i would have something long winded to say...some sermon to preach...blah! blah! blah! let the music do the talking. The british are such damn good rockers...and their rhythm and blues is exceptional too.

4 months ago
Call me crazy if you want to, but I think an engaged listener can have a two way conversation with the universe, and this music massively amplifies the signal for me.


Aber es versucht zu haben und zu scheitern, ist allemal ehrenhafter, als sich in Halbherzigkeiten zu verlieren – und dann zu scheitern.


Yeah, this is standard stuff. Windows has a built in system for that, called shadow copy. The ransomware software lurks on the system until it has identified where the shadow copies go. It has some tricks to destroy them (including just overwriting), which it uses in the background before the encryption starts. My understanding is that this ryuk software is actively monitored. It’s not fully automated, it’s operators are carefully looking whether it has found all the shadow copies and regular backups, for weeks or months before the strike happens.




Swiss Art Awards 2021









The inability of economic science even to explain current events, much less dominate and shape them.

In the 1980s, Brigadier Ronnie Stonham was discovered in room 105 at Broadcasting House, the headquarters of the BBC, stamping Christmas trees on the personnel files of those whose careers were not to progress. His job was to liaise with security services with a view to vetting applicants for employment for evidence of ideological unsoundness.




“Sending goods to the EU will now require a customs declaration.” GOOD, I’m SICK of sending goods to the EU without making a customs declaration.”

Johnson’s entire approach to government is based on a pathological, incontinent dishonesty across every policy area. And there's more of this tosh, page after page of vainglorious blather, the very essence of extruded verbal material as meaningless words spill over the paper to describe a world which exists only in the febrile mind of a man who has completely lost touch with reality. Many predict that, as his bombast palls in the face of the cold, hard reality of a real-world Brexit, he will soon be leaving us. When that happens, it will be a good day, and it can't happen soon enough.

Commissioning a report that endorses your existing approach on race is one way to deal with the Black Lives Matter movement. Johnson had chosen to bend the arc of the moral universe “backwards.”





Ocasio-Cortez and the DSA serve as the keystone in the architecture of the capitalist political system.

One person who stayed the course estimated that only 20 per cent of the people at Green’s fiftieth birthday party were at his sixtieth.


That’s all for this week. ‘Til next time, remember: if you look around the space and can’t tell who the sucker is, then there’s a good chance the sucker is you.

“I just feel I’m empty.” Chloe Sevigny’s Psychiatrist Hospital.

The plumbing is in place, but someone needs to turn the tap on, a few nights ago I randomly and spontaneously messaged her when i was off my tits on coke.

“The psychology of all that leverage with no risk management, it’s almost nihilism.”






Following the provisions taken by the Italian Government, Fondazione Prada’s Milan venue is closed until further notice. Follow the online activities on our social channels and discover the latest digital project Readings and Finite Rants.




Nothing is more important than investing in yourself. I want to spread ownership to as many people as I can, so I’m teaming up with @CashApp to give out $1 MILLION in stocks. Share your $Cashtag & favorite company name for your chance to own#INVESTINYOU #partner #15YearsofMiley. “Tesla and Elon are on the forefront of batteries and electric vehicles innovation, so I thought go big or go home.” In that view of the world, as soon as you back down, or even compromise, you’ve lost. ‘Nationalism becomes predominantly a popular cause, of exploited and destitute masses, in an intercontinental revolt against Western colonialism and imperialism. Internationalism, at the same stroke, starts to change camps – assuming new forms in the ranks of capital. This was to be a fateful mutation. '

Farage is one of a coterie of men in this country who are around my age who use inflammatory rhetoric to stir up violence and I include the PM, Piers Morgan, Jeremy Clarkson, Rees Mogg, Gove, Raab et al. The one thing they have in common is that they are all abject cowards, physically, morally and spiritually.


Big capital does not support a subversion of the regime. Underestimation of the protesters as an atypical minority who can be safely quashed without the wider community objecting. Egypt's ancient rulers to return in mummies' parade, enormous cryptograms beyond the patience or grasp of any democratic public. ‘Elite consolidation’. That is, a process in which the parties collude with one another to present the appearance of a democratic assembly, behind which oligarchic coteries are comfortably entrenched.

To break the rules was to be true to the contract. Viewed historically, member-statehood is a ‘hard but hollow state form’.

Another problem for Macron is his reputation among many of the French as an arrogant know-it-all.




David Hockney, one of only two humans on Earth whose work has sold for more money at auction than Beeple. We’ve passed through a racial uprising and a reckoning with sexism, and the cultural project of the moment is… innovating new ways to worship decade-old, BroBible-level brain farts? The second, The Pixel—which is literally a single grey pixel—made $1.3m, following a last-minute bidding war that extended its sale by an hour. It went to the digital art collector Eric Young who tweeted that The Pixel had "occupied a great deal of [his] mind over the past few days". "I feel like collectibles are collectible," said Max Moore, contemporary art expert at Sotheby's, which is holding a three-day sale from Monday to Wednesday of NFT works by digital artist Pak.

"We're situating these artists within the canon of great artists that we offer all the time, my primary focus right now is establishing these roots, these connections, establishing these relationships, understanding what drives their collecting habit, what interests them," said Moore. "Then we'll be able to kind of target them in a way that we would never have done before."

Poiesis and the Digital Art School. A Forum between Afterall, CCC-HEAD and Central St Martins . In collaboration with the CCC RP of HEAD Genève and the MA in Fine Arts at CSM, Afterall Art School organises a seminar-like forum around ‘making’ as poeisis, or the material process of bringing thoughts and actions into the world. The pathogen agent known as SARS-CoV-2 confronts contemporary art-making with both the limits and liminalities of tele-technologies that displace the intimacy of studying together across geographies, languages and time zones. Running monthly from April to July 2021, the forum is conceived to listen to experiences and share problems of making under the challenging conditions of Covid-19 for artistic practices, curatorial mobilizations, social imaginaries and research collaborations, to collectively shape a climate of thought for an art school to come.


For anyone who still thinks Dogecoin is a joke, there are some 90 billion reasons that say it’s not.

That’s how much the digital token is nearly worth in dollar terms after jumping again in Wednesday trading. Useless or not, the coin has been swept up in the crypto mania that’s gripped markets awash in central bank largesse.
It’s the latest milestone in a year of speculative excesses for a market Nouriel Roubini once described as “the mother of all bubbles.” While in the past, trillions of dollars in stimulus by governments and central banks might have triggered a rush into gold for the inflation-wary and risky stocks for the intrepid, a deluge of cash this time round is flooding into the nascent crypto market.

Few illustrate this better than Dogecoin, a so-called memecoin that’s become the destination for a horde of day traders egged on by Internet buzz and a self-propelling buying frenzy. A potential trigger for the latest leg up: Tesla Inc. co-founder and crypto fan Elon Musk is appearing on Saturday Night Live this weekend, spurring speculation he may talk up Dogecoin again on the comedy show.

“When you think about the full spirit of what this crypto revolution is, there’s something pure in what Dogecoin has done,” Mike Novogratz, founder of Galaxy Digital Holdings, said on CNBC. “I worry that once the enthusiasm rolls out, there are no developers, there’s no institutions coming in. But it’s got the moniker of the people’s coin right now and it’d be very dangerous to be short.”

The overnight gain took Dogecoin’s one-week advance to 118% and its value to $87 billion in Wednesday trading, according to data, eclipsing the largest exchange-traded gold fund and even stocks like Fedex Corp. and Snap Inc. A year ago, the asset was worth just $315 million.

“At some point, something is just real,” said Sam Bankman-Fried, the Hong Kong-based chief executive officer of the FTX crypto exchange. “If Dogecoin is stupid and valueless, it shouldn’t be worth $90 billion. How about gold or Bitcoin or euros? Our collective imagination has given them value, and now we just think about them having value.”

Dogecoin, started in 2013 as a joke based on the Shiba Inu breed of dog, may become so accepted by the mainstream it might evolve into a payment option at retailers, Bankman-Fried said. At Blockfolio, a firm owned by FTX that helps users manage their crypto portfolios, trading volumes are spiking with Dogecoin’s every gain, a sign it’s become essential to the whole ecosystem.

Dogecoin buying got so fevered Tuesday, Robinhood’s trading app briefly crashed. Other so-called altcoins surged, with Dash spiking 11% over a 24-hour period through the New York morning on Wednesday and Ethereum Classic rising 25%.

While it’s difficult to assign firm reasons to Dogecoin’s ascent, a few factors have fueled the gains. On April 20, a day normally associated with pot, some users got #DogeDay trending to push up the price. Celebrities from Musk to the Dallas Mavericks’ billionaire owner Mark Cuban also jumped on the bandwagon.



They’ve been brainwashed by the BBC. To be honest, I don’t blame them. I put it on for 15 minutes the other day, and I could feel myself getting brainwashed, too, so I switched it off.

One person in the party says their approach was akin to someone poking around in the fog looking for something. Bourgeois campaigns for ‘sustainability’ will never stop this destruction (for what else are they trying to ‘sustain’ but capital?) Constant alternating stressors. “How am I even meant to operate on an animal without grabbing their intestines and throwing them across the room?” she asks.





“In terms of watch time, a guru is wonderful.”


We are still Brexiting. They got military gear, and now they got robot dogs in the streets further oppressing us...

“It’s still early in the game, opportunity remains for investors to participate and secure a first-mover advantage.” It’s never fun to go without any more punch from the punch bowl just as you were beginning to enjoy it.



What colossal “system-creating thought”

The disappearance of a great charlatan is often only the opportunity for a lesser but commercially more experienced successor to put out again, under another signboard; the products of his predecessor.



Nottingham, London, Aberdeen, Paris, Phnom Penh, Denver, Atlanta, Barcelona, Biarritz, Tunis, Malaga, Sheffield, Muscat, Las Vegas, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Cyprus, Saigon, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Ladakh, Port Townsend, Portland, San José, Luang Prabang, Bangkok, a bus stop in Colwyn Bay, Seoul, Brooklyn, Hollywood.


If you have questions, suggestions, or would just like to talk - please don’t hesitate in hitting ‘reply’.


Flux is usually associated with a breakdown in message discipline. He makes memento mori for techno-optimism.

A new breed of London-based “cultural entrepreneur” has also sprung up, eager to service an audience that’s moneyed, curious and culture hungry, by filling the gaps left by traditional museums. Their mission is to woo the New Cross collectors whose tastes are unpredictable and unmapped, and to cater to the globetrotter who relishes experience as much as consumption.

Alien plant management needs to compete with all other budgetary pressures, which perpetuates a complex, wicked problem. \\


Related artists: Arapu | Automat | Bauch | Blawan | Camelia







There was a hint of what Trotsky once called ‘substitutionism’, treating the defence of the Party as synonymous with the defence of the socialist project.

The full, frightening magnetism of political quietism in such times is visible only once we see how many forms of thinking and living present themselves as resistance to quietism while in fact feeding from and reinforcing it
By specifically targeting artists without any exclusive gallery representation, CLIP ART FAIR focuses attention on the kinds of contemporary art and interventions that are being created by independent artists the world over.

Going back to 2001, with the creation of the Mail Isolation and Control Tracking System (MICT), the USPS can “retroactively track mail correspondence at the request of law enforcement.” Since that time the USPS has been scanning every piece of mail that is delivered to each mailbox. With the integration of digital technologies into the process, the USPS has been capturing exterior images of letter-size mail and storing these images in a database.

Said was a power broker who routinely imagined himself to have none.

Being “out of place” wasn’t a sign of failure but instead of political courage. But 'normal' life is acting as a kind of memory fog... patients experience depression, muscle pain, headaches, intermittent fevers, heart palpitations and problems with concentration and memory, known as brain fog. Last summer was unique because the proletarian momentarily solved the composition problem by producing a collective response to the pandemic, police violence, and growing class inequality. We can see how unique a collective response is by how difficult it is to repeat such practices again and again. Enforcement relies on the accusations and descriptions that are provided to the police by those who the police choose to protect.









Trump followers believe they are independent thinkers, unlike the rest of us, whom they view as sheep, people who are “just sleepwalking through life.”





“There is no political power without power over the archive,” wrote Jacques Derrida.

'If anything, surrealist painting has one dominant characteristic: a glassy isolation, as if all the objects in its landscapes had been drained of their emotional associations, the accretions of sentiment and common usage. What they demonstrate is that the most commonplace elements of reality — for example, the rooms we occupy, the landscapes around us, the musculatures of our own bodies, the postures we assume — may have very different meanings by the time they reach the central nervous system."

"… these four published [condensed] ‘novels’, and those that I am working on now, contain a number of other ideas. However, one can distinguish between the manifest content, i.e. the attempt to produce a new ‘mythology’ out of the intersecting identities of J. F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, smashed automobiles and dead apartments, and the latent content, the shift in geometric formula from one chapter to the next."

"I had to will myself into this deliberate psychotic state, suspending all values and embracing the nightmare logic... In writing books like Crash … I was exploring myself, using myself as the laboratory animal, as it were, probing around. I had to take the top off my skull ...and start touching pain and pleasure centers to see what happened."

- JG Ballard

"There were a lot of celebrities acting like playground bullies."





“To me, this just transcended the endless struggle of human beings.” Ronaldo is right at the top of social media earners. We have faced many battles over these past 15 months, from viral forces in the world around us and even struggles within ourselves. Some of these fights have also been against misinformation, untruths and those who seek to sow hysteria. All sides, it seemed, were optimizing for social media virality. Bitter competition among upper-middle-class layers for positions and privileges in universities, the media and cultural institutions.

#versace #versacemedusa #Versaceshoes #Versacebelt #Versacering #versacesneakers #Medusa #sneakers #sneakerhead #SneakerRoleModel” “The goal is to be valuable. Once you’re valuable instead of chasing money, you will attract it #Fendi #Hermes #Hublot #Versace #Dubai.”







Rock Opa
Rock Opa
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Piss die Wand an - hier bin ich richtig - right now right here - HiFi immer gut

You’re not permitted to ascend to power within the system unless you cooperate with existing power structures. If you don’t, you’ll be stopped in your tracks and replaced with someone who will.

Reality has been inverted. Too often it is the critical thinking of dissident journalists that is maligned as “fake news”. We must keep struggling because the struggle itself is a form of victory.

“I was sucked into a fake Elon Musk Bitcoin scam.” Musk, for his part, continued to tweet actively into the weekend about crypto and other matters.

Individuals who solidarize themselves with the crimes of Stalin have absolutely nothing to with genuine left-wing politics.











To call its scrutiny toothless would be to grossly insult the denture-wearing community.


"In many ways, Lewisham Way Youth and Community Centre’s social networks and operational fluidities pre-empt the internet. The Community Centre appears as an open, decentralized platform, offering augmented reality tools in the first place. The nature of such community space is necessarily complex - a multiplicity with flows and intensities through would risk misrepresentation or misactivation within the singularity of a generic ‘offer’ or retrospective ‘community…’ designation. The space enabled meaningful community participation through it’s complimentary and interconnected networks and social bonds, without extracting such use as content."

"In such enclosed social contexts, the term ‘community’ appears increasgly employed as dogmatic taxonomy, applied to anything within a closed, corporate structure. ‘Community space… community garden etc.
Social media holding pages and unqualified, retrospective intentions qualify a presubscribed, predetermined, provisional ‘community’, always after the event.-"

- R. Parry






‘Living in advance of nostalgia’. When Lambo? There's No Time Like the Present. This country is in a very bad way.



The Best Professional Gouache Sets for Painterly Experimentations




'I feel honoured and excited to be presenting my practice within this Oxfordshire landscape designed by Capability Brown, as I admire the ease with which he interwove nature and culture. As a society, we will need to take this ease as a foremost example for all of our undertakings to meet the global sustainability challenge of the coming decades.' It began life as a series of samples Garry pieced together inspired by hearing Pink Floyd’s ‘Easily Numb’ during an acupuncture session in 2002.




“Tesla is neither green, ecological nor social.”

Ja, Streams von diesem Album in guter Ton-Qualität sind im Internet schwer zu finden! Was ich verdammt schade finde denn dieses Album ist eins der besten DJ-Kicks Albums die es gibt! Danke für's hochladen!! ???? ... Ich hoffe nur das dieser Stream nicht auch irgendwann verschwindet!



"cultural death followed by cultural resurrection"

people disconnected from reality and saturated by intelligence sources consisting of feedback loops from their immediate circle, amplified by Twitter

There is still a widespread refusal amongst Brexiters to accept that Brexit means Brexit.
Urbanista Stockholm

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It is great to work in a hostile pub in a hostile environment.

“People are brushing past each other in a small shop, they are going to display homes, they are looking at phones in a Tesla shop”. It's your moral and professional obligation to inform.




I read once that by examining cores from the sea bed around Britain, it was discovered that the glacier that had once covered the island had advanced from the south.

It was thought that this meant the ice age involved had started all at once. It simply started snowing one year, and never totally melted, and the ice piled up.

As Jacques Chirac, the former French president, used to say: only when the cattle fair is over can we count the cow dung.




"boyfriend without organs"



“Because of the gladiatorial environment, they’ve always had to stay paranoid and change constantly.”



stop scrolling Stop sign Raised hand!!! IM FROM THE FUTURE Robot face RocketPolice cars revolving lighti need to let you know Flushed faceFlushed face that 2020 will be the best year you’ve ever had Party popperConfetti ballStar-struckStar-struck! u finna accomplish so much Partying facePartying face & learn a lot about lifeEarth globe americasEarth globe europe-africaFace with raised eyebrow!! i’m so proud of you Face with open mouth and cold sweatFace with open mouth and cold sweatno cap No entry signBilled cap !! ight u can scroll now!!

Stil: Kampf

Van Morrison is a toxic menace, someone who probably shouldn’t have access to a platform for a while.


... “a creator is someone whose work is wholly circumscribed by a platform”. While creators make content that can only exist within a certain app, many creatives simply put their offline art online.


He shared: 'For at least 20 years I was a basket case, and that is putting it lightly. I drank more than you can imagine, a Special Brew with vodka. It looked like you were just drinking larger, but in fact, you weren't.' Wie übel kann ein Künstler hetzen, bevor man ihm keine Bühne mehr gibt? Every celebrity now exists under a microscope with a target on their back and a bounty on their head.

DINO – Democracy In Name Only. “It’s different this time” when acted on is highly dangerous.

Stop asking who's still listening in 2021, we never stopped listening

He and Karlie Kloss are close friends. She agreed to take part in his show Fall 2021. At that moment the fame of the model was higher than the designer, and he was joking, that his name would be googled.







Antwerp Six


Dirk Bikkembergs
Veronique Branquinho


Christophe Coppens
Tim Coppens
Jules-François Crahay

“Celine’s content is very safe, and they need to break away.” China is a dynamic market, and if Celine keeps a conservative mindset, it may miss out. “You must not judge China through the Western lens,” Hebbert added. The country offers an opportunity for brands to experiment with innovation and export globally. As such, influencers will continue to play a relevant role in communications, regardless of the channel. But as consumers continue getting more sophisticated, playing it safe is risky, too. He put “very little weight in the adulation, and very little weight in the craziness of condemning me”. If they do not establish an environment in which clarity of thought is welcomed and rewarded then they will never get the kind of bold, declarative product development that they wish.


Angele Delanghe
Ann Demeulemeester
Honorine Deschrijver


Daniel Hechter
Désirée zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg


Cedric Jacquemyn


Devon Halfnight LeFlufy


Martin Margiela


Bruno Pieters
Cathy Pill
Elvis Pompilio


Ann Salens
Fernando Sánchez
Raf Simons
Olivier Strelli


Olivier Theyskens
Josephus Thimister
Kaat Tilley
“So I don’t think focusing on the parties is necessarily the best way for us to get through this.” - Jeanne Toussaint. He has said it will take a “panzer division” to remove him from Downing Street. The moment you realise your worst nightmare is real.


Anthony Vaccarello
Kris Van Assche
Walter Van Beirendonck
Dries van Noten
Édouard Vermeulen

Du à un accident dans nos locaux, nous ne sommes pas en mesure d'accueillir notre public.







How did the EU "seek to make things difficult"? Kindly eleborate. Why would the EU discourage "dissenters such as yourself"? And what route has the EU taken and what do you not appreciate about it?
“Whatever you’re feeling is OK. If you’re feeling despair or rage or optimism, that’s all OK.”


A state psy-ops operation levelled against the population.

“A lot of our clients will be there for the summer; we go to where the people are,” says Konrad Klosterficke, senior director of international private sales.

Bescheidenheit ist eine Tugend. You’ve just got it all wrapped up in one sketchbook page:


An exclusive, private membership organization dedicated to connecting exceptional & inspirational individuals both socially & professionally. We are a collective of leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and adventurers who share and expand our spheres of influence. Through a variety of experiential events, business networking & elite social gatherings, we empower our members to forge lasting bonds and friendships, thereby enriching each others lives, sharing business ideas and enhancing philanthropic causes. We are actively seeking to discover individuals who resonate with our culture and add value to Karma. If that's you, Karma cordially invites you to APPLY NOW. “Difficult to legislate against idiots”.


"Love u and live through this sooooo much," the 18-year-old commented, to which Love replied: "Olivia - you're welcome. My favourite florist is in Notting Hill, London! Dm me for deets! I look forward to reading your note!"

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“Lonely and unwitnessed,” “dangerous and condemnable” — perfect and tragic adjectives — describe how many people feel today, when confronted with the internet's many opportunities for self-presentation, and equally many opportunities for self-destruction. Under the pitiless eye of mass surveillance, which funnels the most tentative keystroke into our permanent records, we begin to surveil ourselves. Such is the trickle-down effect of the institutional exploitation of the internet, of corporate algorithms that thrive on controversy and division: the degradation of the soul as a source of profit — and power. “Are we seeing dramatic changes since we deployed the robot in January?” Lerner, the Westworld spokesperson said. “No. But I do believe it is a great tool to keep a community as large as this, to keep it safer, to keep it controlled.”













The exact opposite has happened: the more the disease has spread, the better it has become at evading not only natural immunity, but the immunity offered by vaccinations. Herd immunity is unlikely ever to be reached. “The next variant is just around the corner.” We need to be careful as it looks like the virus could be affecting our cognition.








Put simply, ransomware gangs have a monetized way of exploiting the condition many organisations are in when it comes to IT and security. The reality is many organizations are barely holding it together at the best of times, and cannot operationally cope with malicious actors turning up and deleting their entire infrastructure in one evening. Hypervisor Jackpotting, the notion that the problem is the existence of attackers and not the undersecured, high value commodity being stolen/compromised is a very fraught. Gates within gates within gates. MPs are probably the last significant group in this country who still rely on the legacy media for their information.





Die Kasette ist echt knorke!

Hi merlincarpenter,

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Special Event
Thu 22 Jul
18:00 - 01:00
line up TBA



“Decisions made without any science or logic. Kafka goes on holiday with Godot.”

Minorities themselves mobilising strategic essentialism to claim a place in the existing framework cannot avoid inadvertently reinforcing a false essentialising ethnic identity that also undergirds the ideologies of the extreme right.


Nothing is more dangerous than the mirage of action shrouding the truth of inaction.

Homage to the uncanny, the repressed, the mutant, the fated. These artistic and musical languages of apocalypse not only destroy but dismantle limitations, making way for new beginnings.

It is a fundamental assumption of social democracy that it has history and time on its side.





This situation makes AppleCare all but required for newer iPhones, unless you happen to know that your local repair shop is ready for the challenge. Or you simply plan to never drop your phone.


NUTELLAGRAM, a curated NFT collection by institutionally established artists sold out within 3 hours of its launch

(left to right) guardian hood shit


NUTELLAGRAM, the first curated NFT collection by institutionally established artists, sold out within three hours if its launch on Sunday 1st May. The initial pool sale totaled 536 ETH (approximately 1.4m USD).

NUTELLAGRAM, a collaborative series of NFT artworks that create their own value ecosystem. Among the collectors who invested in NUTELLAGRAM were American tech entrepreneur BAE systems, and MAD MAN, an NFT-focused DAO that aims to explore emerging investment opportunities for ownable, blockchain-based assets. An active community is already being formed around the project, in which contemporary art collectors, alongside NFT collectors, are creating strategies for the potential development of this revolutionary programmed collection, where mutations of artworks can be initiated and editions of prints can be created.

Some of the artworks have already been sold on the secondary market, OpenSea, including two Genius artworks which sold for 49,000 USD. One of these, by ethicalbeing, was acquired for 9.64 ETH. Currently, OpenSea shows that there are 590 owners and 201 prints, along with 40 Geniuses and 4546002002020020020 NUTELLAGRAMs.

A percentage of the sale pool is being streamed to the NUTELLAGRAM team and the artists, an aimless, ham-fisted acronym soup of trial and error.

The Artwork
Each artist produced ten Genius NFTs, all with the capacity to nutate thanks to embedded layers, creating the possibility for 256 variations for each. These nutations are triggered by the owner of the Genius NFT with the introduction of Nutellagens, the second type of NFT artworks. With only 4096 Nutallagents possible, a limited number of Nutations of the Genius NFTs is ensured.

The Genius or NUTELLAGRAM NFTs were allocated from a blind pool in order to ensure the randomness of the system. Similarly, nutations occur randomly according to the combinations of parameters encoded in the artwork. While Genius NFTs are described as rare, one out of the ten produced by each artist is ‘very rare’, as it includes a ‘golden’ element. In addition to these rarities, two of the variations are also considered rare, opening possibilities for different degrees of rarity in the Nutations. Within this process, it is possible to stop time, so to speak, and to create Snapshots of the state of a Genius at any moment.

The Collecting
NUTELLAGRAM combines randomness with fairness, in that the project revolves around a new value attribution model: an Expected Value Pool. Initially, each Genius is valued at 8 ETH while each NUTELLAGRAM is valued at 0.08 ETH. Each purchase price is set according to the total value of the pool, which adjusts to the values of the remaining tokens, counteracting the usual pricing mechanisms that reward early investors, which are based on a fear of missing out. A phenomenon at play in both the crypto market and the art market.

Combining institutionally established art with the possibilities of the expanding boundaries of the art market, provided by the Ethereum blockchain, NUTELLAGRAM brings these two worlds together in an unprecedented way.


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The tangle of contradictory lies is now so dense that it is impossible for this government to escape it, even if it were minded to. It’s commonplace to talk of the government gaslighting the public, but perhaps where post-truth politics ends up is with a government that has gaslighted (gaslit?) itself.



With Coldplay’s eco-friendly tour, music is again at the forefront of progressive ideas? “We have got the capacity to make a mad little industry that’s sustainable, accessible, genuinely diverse, fundamentally joyful, and I think we should do that. Right now".

















Sacrificing children’s lives for corporate profit. Inhabiting an installation conducive to evoking emotions. This has been a deafening wake-up call. Let’s make sure we don’t press the snooze button.

The long American sojourn there will include hubris, ignorance, inevitability, betrayal, and failure. We have a lot of cheek to go and fix another country when our own country’s broken; the national debt, politics is a shambles. Everybody lies, it’s just who lies the least. If you think it’s been rough so far, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. It was “during this period that the U.S. developed, I think, a phenomenal killing machine,”






1. Permit holders only (no non-fishing guests)
2. Fishing times are from 6am or first light (whichever is the later) until 9.00pm
3. Cars are to be parked only in the designated area unless previously agreed with the Estate
4. No children under the age of 8 years allowed
5. Children between 8 and 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult permit holder
6. NO litter to be on or near the peg, even if it was there prior to your arrival
7. NO radios, Nuisance, Dogs or Fires. Unnecessary noise to be kept to a minimum
8. NO cutting or breaking of any trees, hedges or fences
9. All gates to be kept shut where applicable
10. Hook size - Micro barb or barbless maximum size 10 (unless pike fishing)
11. NO Bloodworm or Joker
12. NO live baiting
13. All fish to be returned
14. All anglers to fish within 1 metre of the designated peg
15. NO more than two rods to be used at any one time
16. NO bivvies
17. Competitions to be run in accordance with NFA rules
18. Keep nets are to be of the 'carp net' type - no other keep nets are to be used
19. Don't bother feeding the Troll
20. Form a square around the Prittster

What emerged, then, amongst my participants was a kind of neurotic anticipation based on the unknown: an engagement with the future structured around worst-case scenarios, and career strategies built on “what if?”. It is an outgrowth of the dishonesty of that logic, of the lack of truthfulness which precludes realism. In the coming years, we might discover whether or not the world is quantum all the way up.

“You have a right to defend yourself. Be armed, be dangerous, and be moral.”


'Woke mob' bottling giant Coca Cola Europacific Partners, the so-called "butcher and bolt" policy. Congratulations to for their participation in the Bienal curated by dancing mania.

I knew I had crossed over with those present in this space. We were all dead. Looking around me, surrounded by a terrible scene, I felt no fear in this timeless muted state, alternating between being alive and being dead. This alternate state is referred to medically as “disassociation”, sometimes occurring during or after a very traumatic event. It marked the death of my former self.




Dein Zimmer steht ab 16:00 Uhr für dich zur Verfügung. Wir freuen uns dich in der Zeit von 16:00-19:00 Uhr persönlich begrüssen zu dürfen. Du kannst auch direkt in dein Zimmer. The atmosphere inside is described as deadly silent, horrible, as if the lights are on, but no-one's really home.

Go Grand - Stay a little bit longer. If you talk in line while attempting to get into Berghain, Berghain will hate you. It’s simple, it’s easy to avoid, so just don’t do it. Easy as that. No one talks in line, so if you realize that you and your group are the only ones, that’s a sign to shut up.





It’s not just the past that is a foreign country; it’s also the present.

What is it about failure that this seem not only the preferred course of action in an institutional setting, but the inevitable outcome of collective action?




Our job is to win the war. Part of that is information warfare. So we are going to attempt to dominate the information environment. It’s much more about the general culture wars, the tone of debate, the digital hysteria and the dangerous nature of everything we say,” says Wire. “It’s about a paralysis of the mind. I think J.G. Ballard called it ‘the inner migration’. That’s what I was getting at.”

But without an intrinsic lifetime, i.e., lacking enforced setpoint values for energy use,” this system “acts only in the moment, without regard to the more distant future, necessarily biased towards increasing consumption of energy and materials,” racing ahead “without much concern for its own longevity,” much less the continuance of what is external to it. Treating group elites’ interests as necessarily or even presumptively aligned with full group interests involves a political naiveté we cannot afford...



But it’s probably because Facebook is down, which in turn means Instagram and WhatsApp are down, which in turn means that almost everything a lot of people do with their phone is broken. So it looks like the internet as a whole is broken. But it’s not. Meanwhile, due to its dominance in the social media marketplace, Facebook is used by people to sign into other apps and services and manage their accounts, such as shopping websites, business software, news sites, smart TVs and other internet-of-things connected home appliances and electronic devices. Technical normativity is intrinsic and absolute. This ‘camera’ was a recording of the space itself,

One Twitter user claimed she made 19 pence from 360,000 plays of her song on TikTok.

Right now, up to 35,000 people are living on the streets in the Bay Area.

Workers are fed up, wiped out, done-in, and run down.




Expert painter, collaborator and creator of high fashion. Do not miss.



They’ve got to do something to distinguish themselves from the competition, and the way to do that is just to demonstrate a greater willingness to sacrifice, a greater willingness to submit one’s own identity, and a greater willingness to obey.


Both levels of the gallery are accessible by elevator. Open To The Public. Free Admission For All. Tours Available Daily. Groups Always Welcome


In collaboration with UGG, as a prelude to the launch of her capsule collection with them in 2022, Self Will design costumes and footwear for the performers, who appear to step out of her paintings onto the stage, bringing the domestic scenes she depicts in her canvases to life.

American artist and urban planner John Deere highlights five 'exemplars of Wallpaper* excellence' for Wallpaper* in the collaborative spirit of his current exhibition, A Clay Museum.


Rasta Dalek • 2 days ago

Are you posting this because John Deere workers are on strike right now?
That she can still manage to be this perplexing after a decade in the game is a massive achievement. "I literally have her lyrics tattooed on my body but I'm also a political activist and I cannot defend this s--- at all. I wish we could be excited about the album and only that but s--- like this makes it hard to be," the fan continued. "Nothing about her statement is okay."

"The whole nation's going to be watching us," Deere painter Chris Laursen told the outlet last week. "If we take a stand here for ourselves, our families, for basic human prosperity, it’s going to make a difference for the whole manufacturing industry. Let’s do it. Let’s not be intimidated."

To fight a transnational giant like Deere, workers need real international unity and a coordination of their struggles across national boundaries.


Do not separate theory from practice, or philosophy from organization. Do not retreat to the ivory tower or suffer attacks in silence; set the record straight. Habits, once entrenched, are difficult to change. You don’t typically overdose and die on meth; you decay. “Many would tell me, ‘I can stay out of reality on the street’?” by using meth, she said. “When they come to us, it takes them days to figure out who and where they are." “It took m e a year and a half to recover from the brain damage it had done to me,” one of them said. “I couldn’t hardly form sentences. I couldn’t laugh, smile. I couldn’t think.”







In order not to jeopardise the orgy of enrichment on the stock exchanges.




There is a [young adult] sharing problem,” reads one internal report from early 2021. “They are choosing other apps to share day-to-day moments and life moments".



Alaric the Visigoth was terrorising the Empire; Ostrogoths and Vandals invaded and pillaged Italy as well as Gaul. Jerome was terrified: he understood just how difficult it would be from now on to solicit donations for his monastery.

They’re anything but liberals in how they treat their workers.

Ihre Nachricht

Gesendet: Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2021 14:59:29 (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

wurde am Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2021 15:01:09 (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna gelesen.

Health care is “broken” because the system as it stands was never meant for the maintenance of health for health’s sake — instead, its origins lie in racism, white supremacy, and maintaining worker wellbeing just enough to be tools of labor.






“You didn’t pay me nearly enough to deal with the real world consequences of hate speech dog whistling you refuse to acknowledge, Ted. F*ck you and your amoral algorithm cult.”






"Quite frankly, some of these people, rather than gluing themselves to a road, it's time they glued themselves to a job or glued themselves to something productive."

This place has amazing burgers with juicey patties. Nice filling meal but i feel the loaded fries are average for the topping you get.

Join us as we delve into the eclectic practice of British visual artist Hannah Parry this November. Working across installation, sculpture and video, Parry develops a sprawling network of references, drawing inspiration from personal experience, the testimony of others and the accelerated nature of our hyper-technological times.

Parry will be joined in conversation by DADS Director of Business Development Mark Walkman, to discuss her experiences of the pandemic, the role of trauma in her work and her changing relationship with social media. All the information you need about venison. Find recipes, nutrion information, hunting topics, and more. Learn about species, gear and hunting sites. Train travel is the thinking person’s mode of choice. Read, write, THINK > arrive at destination



ISSUES congratulates Rick Röhss for receiving the Foundation Culture Scholarship for 2021 in visual art and the upcoming large scale solo exhibition at The Gothenburg Museum of Art!

“unelected” scientists




Twombly nerds, activation of the room installation. "You need to anticipate that this type of performer in that type of environment will induce this type of behaviour in the crowd - and you put crowd management and monitoring systems in place to make sure that you've got an early warning indicator." Eventually they will become apathetic, because they believe nothing can change. By April, protesters had begun to gather not just at board meetings but also in front of my house. A group of about 15 shouted “Pedophiles!” as my neighbors walked their dogs, pushing their infants in strollers. “We’re coming for you,” they yelled, mistaking friends standing on my porch for me and my husband. “We’re coming at you like a freight train! We are going to make you beg for mercy. If you thought January 6 was bad, wait until you see what we have for you!” “They don’t want you to find the truth,” he says. “They want you to keep scrolling. If you find the truth, you don’t need to scroll any more. They want you to keep scrolling and arguing and looking for more bullshit.” To commoditize our rage at the financial system into a financial product.

I think it might be that something is happening in me where I think I might love myself, finally. And that just makes me cry loads, but in a beautiful way. It just feels like there’s no going back now, and life will throw all sorts of shit but I finally feel like I’m on an even playing field with people who don’t suffer with this bullshit. I feel limitless.

“Are you holding them because you like them or do you like them because you’re holding them?”




The backslash \ is a typographical mark used mainly in computing and is the mirror image of the common slash /. It is sometimes called a hack, whack, escape, reverse slash, slosh, downwhack, backslant, backwhack, bash, reverse slant, and reversed virgule.

When I had Covid, at the end of March last year, I spent a week in bed with an intermittent fever and a strong feeling that my body was dealing with something unfamiliar. I was lucky: it turned out to be the ‘mild to moderate’ version of Covid. But it wasn’t much fun. I had the semi-delirious sense that my body knew it was dealing with a new illness. I would feel OK and then not OK, in waves. The image that stuck in my mind that week was of being in a room in a not very good hotel where somebody keeps trying to open your door, rattles the lock for a while, then gives up and goes away, only to come back and try again a few hours later. It felt as if Covid was repeatedly returning to try the lock. It was a sensation I’ve never had with any other illness: the feeling that Covid had intentions, and that they were not benign.






The "Generation Z" support group. In retrospect, the insurrection takes on the aspect of rehearsal. The infinite scroll of right-wing social media. An unpunished plot is practice for the next. Indeed, a disaster of this magnitude signals the end of an era and the shattering of an entire strategy pursued by US imperialism based on the utilization of military force to overcome the progressive erosion of its global hegemony.




Whilst the state is on some accounts supposed to be the executive committee of the bourgeoisie that doesn’t seem to apply to Johnson’s ‘f*** business’ Brexit regime. “Pifflepafflewifflewaffle,” jabbered the out-of-control bullshit generator. Rule of six. The objective of politics is to never break the chain of emotions set in motion by a shock. “You” Have to Have an Economy, even if you personally aren’t alive to see and participate in it. The Economy must abide, even if you yourself perish.

The current situation has become explosive — it is configured like a booby trap. And, when facing the problem of its deactivation, one does not just come in and cut the wires — one wrong move and the device will explode. Deactivation must proceed slowly and sequentially, first by figuring out who is connected with whom and only then can the cutting really begin. Like any other hot commodity, mindfulness has been refashioned to accommodate the needs of the market, obfuscating critical reflection on the systemic causes of our collective malaise and institutional stress.

We’re starting to enter a perfect storm of shitness. The motto of the authorities is: Do nothing until it is too late. We’re in a battle to save Christmas.


Melania Trump Is Releasing an NFT That Will Cost 1 SOL Each







Staatlich anerkannter Erholungsort

His gazes stifle and stun.


Soiled oil painting rags can spontaneously combust if left in heaps in the sun. And it’s interesting that this happened right at the boundary, this fire literally started precisely at that geographic and cultural boundary, right at the base of the foothills and spread into this other world. It’s not about finding an escape from risk but choosing what kind of risk you’re comfortable with. We will part ways with companies that do not want to take the “risk improvement journey”.

Artist duo John Smith has been awarded the prestigious Kenny Scharf Prize by the Senate of Hamburg. The Scharf Prize honors not only not particularly convincing artistic work, but the duo's influential presence on Hamburg's cultural scene. Notable institutional exhibitions by the artist include JEDWARD, Kunstverein Hamburg; Bonn; Deepschweig.

That is driven by “pent-up demand, asset diversification and a generational shift in the art market” plus the US generational art wealth transfer. The same, in analogue form, is true with speculation on young painters at auction, resulting in million-plus prices for (largely figurative) works by under-35s. That will only increase in 2022, and with it the speed of flippers’ churn as certain in-demand names last one or two auction seasons before being cast over for the next. “Why would that stop?” says one London-based gallerist, who wishes to remain anonymous. “It’s too exciting. It’s an addiction, like gambling, and it’s grooming; there is no other word for it. There are certain artists that fit the bill—their work has to look good on a mobile phone, it’s happening far less with sculpture and with abstraction.” Sadly, it is “going to leave a very sad trail of short careers.”

The Populist politics now function as poetic catharsis: Through mimicry with their constituents political leaders no longer lead but surrender, resulting in a fragile and shifty consensus that is reinforced with their each action. Their activity consists of looking for themes that create resonance points capable of producing the loudest reverberations. Politics becomes hyper-optimized — there is not a single spec of life that is not used as leverage – but, in that process, it loses its robustness, becomes thinly spread and fractures under tinniest of shocks.




She knows very well and plays with computer game groups, whose strategies she appropriates. Using already-made images as if “coworking” with others, the beyond-recognition effect. “The insistence on the undivided sovereignty of her own opinion – dressed up as the nation’s sovereignty – was her undoing.”













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“New year, new delusion. ‘It’s mild.’ It’s turtles all the way down.” Militia members often told me they long for a “simpler time, better times” from this country’s past.... Their values are often entwined with racist and sexist attitudes, in part because they deny or disregard the hostility directed at minority groups and women during that idealized history.

The important difference between TikTok and other social platforms is that TikTok has an algorithm that profiles users with scary accuracy and shows them more of the content they like.

We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are to whisking you away - the curator's walkthrough has been postponed.




When anything big changes, for good or bad, the old version dies.
regional corporate Armageddon
“I need this outlet.”

1. Persevere!
3. Rest!


softened to the point of liquefaction

Ask the Next boss, and other 'bosses' to drive their own deliveries. Time for them to do some work.


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Find a walk near you: when you’re out and about, and especially near water, it’s always important to stay safe. We’re sure you’re the sensible sort, so if you’ve already thought about these things then you have our permission to just roll your eyes at us: where our story began back in 1995.




Been a regular of Würgeengel for more than a decade. Today, the bearded bartender threatened us to call the police because we were laughing. Fascist. These people and everyone else in the cryptocurrency industry are complicit in the Ponzi scheme and actively misleading the public. “It’s like they’re saying it’s the future and then it crashes. I was like, ‘this is not cool,’” says one investor who recently bought into the hype.














"We have made a commitment to support the art world as we know it. Fairs are a key part of our ecosystem, as are galleries both big and small".

Never touch your face.

Domestic attack helicopter.


Not surprisingly, being the roadblock to climate action is a lucrative position.

Mood music created by people trying to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.

I work for a firm but i want to burn it down.

“We continue to work with partners at home such as Border Force and those abroad such as the AFP to protect the public from the Class A drugs threat"


“I expected a train wreck,” Royal Central editor in chief Charlie Proctor wrote. “That was a plane crashing into an oil tanker, causing a tsunami, triggering a nuclear explosion level bad.” “The biggest act of self-harm by any member of the royal family since the Middle Ages.” Prince Andrew’s future thus looks likely to play itself out in a purgatorial twilight - Buckingham Palace announced last week that his roles would be shared out among other members of the royal family.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, who brutally cracked down on protests and a strike movement in his country in 2020, called upon Kazakh demonstrators “to get on your knees and apologize before the military.”


Every time someone says "it is over" it has already started ....somewhere else.

It’s time to open up and feed our ecosystem, our financial ecosystem.

I’m writing because you subscribed to my gallery email list a gajillion years ago



‘A thrilling getaway with the ultimate Renaissance man’
****** The Daily Telegraph

****** Time Out

'...feast of an exhibition.' Financial Times



“It’s the majesty of molecules—you’ve got great swirling vortexes of molecules as things wash and slush around the planet, and geological time moves on.”

“He analyzed each aspect of how they tried to fool you into thinking that giving them your ideas was going to help the workers, and how it was not,” said Slaughter, one of the founders of Labor Notes. “Workers were going to have ‘a say,’ but the say was how to speed up your job, how to go from six workers on your team to five.”





I think Robby Kreiger is so underrated. His haunting hair style is what carries Jims voice.



Any cost now is preferable to infinite costs later. The most sophisticated climate science models describe a range of potential environmental conditions, shaped by a wide array of interconnected but poorly understood threshold effects and feedback loops – and that is just the non-human systems.


Dear Merlin,

I have been following your artistic work for a long time and I am enthusiastic about your works and your creativity. In this way I would like to express my admiration to you.
In addition, I would like to invite you to participate in a top-class, international benefit art auction. Your donation of works would enrich the portfolio of the auction, which I have the privilege of curating, and which will take place in Cologne in the fall of 2023.



All proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization. Queen Silvia of Sweden plans to be the patron of the charity auction.


The opportunity to participate in a successful, international, and already established charity art auction in the German-speaking world. Curated auction with an international field of participants. The works up for auction are all by internationally renowned artists.

Presence in Sotheby's auction catalog

The print run of the catalog will be 5,000, plus PDF shipping and downloadability from the website.

Access to over 25,000 collectors/curators/art enthusiasts worldwide.

The auction catalog will be mailed in print, PDF and/or online versions to over 25,000 international art enthusiasts, collectors, and curators.


Exterior view Sotheby’s

Interior view Sotheby’s

Advertising and social media

The wide-ranging as well as targeted advertising of the benefit auction, the works and the donating artists via media, social networks, newsletters, and a dedicated homepage is carried out on a voluntary basis by a large PR agency. In addition, there are videos as well as virtual exhibition rooms.

Auction event and live stream

Post-auction sale via the Challery

The work remains, until the possible sale, in your possession. In case of non-sale, you will of course get it back. If you wish, it can be sold through the Challery (see above).

Transportation of the artwork

As far as it is possible for me, I will personally come to pick up the work from you. Studio visits are a great way to learn more about the work and the person behind it.






One of the consequences of becoming so mired in lies is that it is almost impossible to change course. Perhaps, early on, there could be a moment to come clean and start afresh, but at some point that becomes impossible. You are living the lie.

“It was just a matter of trying to breathe,” one man told him. “That was a day’s work.”



The omens of impending war we were warned about now seem to be lining up like the horsemen of the apocalypse. Sustainable security strategy.





“Myspace or Facebook posts used to be an add-on but now it feels like making music is about making assets for social media.” “Fans are intelligent people who can immediately see through artists spending time trying to do it all or having an impact just because they feel they need to be,” says the manager of Chase & Status. “The moment that it feels a bit disingenuous, it’s game over anyway. So they might as well utilise their time elsewhere.” Ultimately, despite all the pitfalls of social media, there may be no going back. “Sometimes I wish the electrical grid would go down so I wouldn’t have to do it any more. But we’re in the maze and I don’t know how to get out.” “Every time I get attacked unfairly and answer an internet troll, it always gets worse and worse because the virtual crowd that shows up is made up of more trolls,” he told me. “But I never seem to learn.”

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The top 10 girls’ names in 2020 were:











The top 10 boys’ names in 2020 were:












Notably, despite the changes our bodies undergo as we age, the memories of all our experiences from conception on, though not always accessible, persist etched into our embodied mind. “It doesn’t matter which way you turn, something hits you in the face.”




Swarms of people were inundating Twitter with commentary on how swarms of people were inundating Twitter.



“I've never seen anything like this. I hope it never becomes like this ever again.” You’ve read all the way to the bottom of this article. That makes you some serious Narwhal material.