This site is over. I made this site from zero. I worked for free for the first year then the site started to be recognized and occasionally hit thousands page views a day. Then he started to pay me 250 a month and it's including the server price. It's kinda nothing but I really needed this money. And he knew it. He promised me that he would hire me when he starts Artwipes. And when Artwipes started, I was fired for no reason. Or part of harassment which I had been receiving. You shouldn't let this kind of person, who is another exploiter, take advantage of your life.






. i wonder what's he gonna do next? Oh wait - THE SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN :P :) but i guess there is never too much of luxury basics out there... :)
Same set, same emaciated models, same clothes, same boring people sitting in the audience. It must be nice preferring your own flatulence over oxygen.?

Phoebe's idea of a women is a confident composed autonomous women who prioritize comfort and practicability and doesn't dress for men but for herself.

Hedi's idea of a women is a trashy anorexic chaotic teen who competes with other women to be an infantile sexual fantasy for the male gaze.

Also phoebe is just simply a much better designer.

Make/buy food (e.g cupcakes),
Print leaflets
Make a big sign saying
"Very sorry for the delay. We'll only be here a few minutes" and "Extinction Rebellion"
Wear some hi-vis jackets
On the day…
Francois Bayrou, CEO of MoDem and formerly a Macron ally, openly attacked the president, declaring: "At a certain point, you cannot govern against the people." But this is the only thing the government knows how to do.

Crises always appear as monetary panics or financial collapses, because capitalism is a monetary economy. But that is only a symptom of the underlying cause of crises, namely the failure to make enough money!







"I've asked the ministry to prepare a dossier on the Roma question in Italy," the minister told broadcaster TeleLombardia. He added that the dossier would involve a "census of Roma in Italy" which would "see who, how, how many". He added: "Unfortunately you need to keep Italian Roma in Italy."

Royal Drawing School course worth £395
Cass Art materials voucher worth £250
2 x £50 of Cass Art online vouchers
Dinner for two at Market Café
2 x £50 meal at LARDO
£50 Climpson Coffee Hamper
Art Fund National Art Pass worth £67
2 x £50 Great Art vouchers
ICA Green Membership
4 Hackney Picturehouse cinema tickets
2 Comedy Unleashed tickets at Backyard Comedy Club
Rebel Rebel Flowers / Indie Rock 1997
2 VIP tickets to London Art Fair
Art Books from HENI
Breakfast at Bungalow's Café
Bottle of Prosecco from Pub on the Park
a burgeoning creative hub,

Dear Sir or Madam,

BMW invites you to join the premiere of the second edition of BMW OPEN WORK BY FRIEZE.

BMW Open Work, curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini, brings together art, design and technology.
Sam Lewitt is the chosen artist for Frieze London 2018.

Join us for a champagne toast to celebrate the artist and the all-new BMW 8 Series Coupe.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

BMW Arts & Design


Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more


If you want to attract my attention quickly, it is probably better to use Twitter.

Paris Internationale is pleased to announce the complete list of participants to its 2018 edition
650mAh, Hove
1857, Oslo
A Thousand Plateaus, Chengdu
After 8 Books, Paris
Agustina Ferreyra, Mexico DF
Antoine Levi, Paris
Artkartell projectspace, Budapest
Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta
Bodega, New York
BQ, Berlin
Carlos Ishikawa, London
Chapter NY, New York
Christian Andersen, Copenhagen
Company, New York
Crèvecoeur, Paris
Cordova, Barcelona
Croy Nielsen, Vienna
Damien & the Love Guru, Brussels
Dawid Radziszewski, Warsaw
Deborah Schamoni, Munich
Emalin, London
Federico Vavassori, Milan
Fons Welters, Amsterdam
Gianni Manhattan, Vienna
Goswell Road, Paris
Gregor Staiger, Zurich

Horizont, Budapest
ICA, London
Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin
Joseph Tang, Paris
Koppe Astner, Glasgow
Kristina Kite, Los Angeles
Life Sport, Athens
Marfa', Beirut
Max Mayer, Dusseldorf
Misako & Rosen, Tokyo
mother's tankstation, Dublin | London
Norma Mangione, Turin
Öktem Aykut, Istanbul
Park View / Paul Soto, Los Angeles
Project Native Informant, London
Reserve Ames, Los Angeles
ROH Projects, Jakarta
Simone Subal, New York
Southard Reid, London
Stereo, Warsaw
Sultana, Paris
The Performance Agency, Berlin
Union Pacific, London
Wschód, Warsaw
XYZ collective, Tokyo

.The cataclysm squatting just over the horizon will be, to use a gentle euphemism, unique.

The pitch is different, the timbre more brittle, and the crystal is rattling on the shelf

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We wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to see you again
in the Gallery, or for Various Others, at art berlin and in autumn
in Paris at Paris International.

"As some have said, I am Trumpier than Trump, and this morning proves it," he claimed.

" I just watched another person I care deeply about basically turn into Gollum and my heart is broken. "




With very special guest :
Thomas Meinecke
spinning Freejazz records
under the hashtag MeToo

Mr. Punch - A Tribute To Fish-Era Marillion


Amy Elkins, Jesse Krimes, Per-Oskar Leu, Lucky Pierre, Jenny Polak, Gregory Sale, Dread Scott, Taryn Simon, jackie sumell


Concert Bryan Ferry

episodic bouts that can be "all-encompassing,"


We hope you were able to join us for the seventh edition of Frieze New York.

Read more about this year's edition here and watch video highlights from featured artists including Tracey Emin, Joseph Kosuth, Takashi Murakami and Alfredo Jaar, and performances from Adrienne Edward's Live program which took place throughout the week.

To ensure you keep receiving updates on our fairs, information on VIP invitations and other benefits, please sign up to our VIP mailing list here. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza-led government—in alliance with its coalition partners, the xenophobic Independent Greeks—have become the EU's jailor as they preside over what are essentially concentration camps.

a dynamic known as curve rolldown.

They read into the working class a diagnosis of apathy, disorientation, boredom, aimlessness and depression—a catalog of middle-class anxieties.

"Miles said, 'You wanna be in my band, motherfucker?' And I immediately said yeah."




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The very act of measurement seems to "collapse" the superposition. "I like the way this paper frames questions about what is happening in terms of entire histories rather than instantaneous states," says physicist Ken Wharton of San Jose State University, who is not involved in the new project. "Talking about 'states' is an old pervasive bias whereas full histories are generally far more rich and interesting."

Daniel Boorstin understood back in 1962, you can't refute an image with a fact. Every pseudo-event "becomes all the more interesting with our every effort to debunk it."
Theory can always be made into something rather innocuous.


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Forbes estimates that Calvin Harris earned £37m last year while Tiesto, king of the paranormal, took home £29m.


The information contained in this communication (including, without limitation, in any attachment) is confidential and is intended for disclosure only to the addressee(s). If you are not an intended recipient or have otherwise received this communication in error, please notify the sender and then delete it, and you are hereby notified that any review, use, dissemination, distribution or copying of any of the contents of this communication is strictly prohibited




The forums are moderated. THE HYPE IS IN MOTION?


"I wish they could hear [Mr Trump's message] … they're not hearing now because they're under heavy MK Ultra mind control … if you've heard of any mind control, MK Ultra being the most successful … when you know how code words work, the actual power of words," Barr said during an appearance on a podcast in 2017. She has also spoken about American mind control on Russia Today.


White House Chief of Staff John Kelly hails family separation as a "tough deterrent" and shrugs that "the children will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever." The practice of separating these families was implemented without any effective system or procedure for … tracking the children after they were separated from their parents … and reuniting the parents and children after the parents are returned to immigration custody following the completion of their criminal sentence.

"Children are being used by the worst criminals on earth as a means to enter our country."

MI5 will apparently warn teachers and police about those it deems suspected "child militants."



Yahoo ist jetzt Teil der Oath-Familie.

Coming up next, the U.K. is planning to keep its veto after leaving the EU.

Being an anarchist struck me as a comfortable posture, not as a way of trying to change the world. ... Being in the pcf and having a thin veneer of Marxism and Leninism allowed these young Stalinist workers to feel very sure of themselves in all circumstances.

A surprising sentiment emerged among many workers after the confrontations in the Latin Quarter: not only were they angered by the violence of the crs; they had sympathy and a certain admiration for those students who had fought on the barricades and challenged established power. This sentiment went against the grain of the negative image of the student movement which the pcf and the cgt tried to impose on people's thinking. This current of sympathy opened a breach for the surge of those first workers who struck and occupied their factories.


Since Oct 19, 2007 (10 years, 267 days ago). Do the work. Be sure to set time aside to "do" your art without the needs of your physical world invading your space. It has been five days since Elon Musk has been wandering in a Twitter labyrinth of his own making. "It's insane. At least people want to come in and try my cheese as well as listen to Parklife. That is really important. I think it's really good that I've got something else to talk about."















Die zwölf kleinformatigen Streifenbilder, auf verschiedene Wände verteilt, bilden zusammen eine Arbeit.

Die zwölf kleinformatigen Streifenbilder, auf verschiedene Wände verteilt, bilden zusammen eine Arbeit.






"I think President Putin knows that better than anybody, certainly a lot better than the media." Trump told reporters. Novichok rap. "We don't want to pay anything," he said. "Why should we pay?" But a society in which wage labor, the market and exchange based on value were abolished was completely beyond their horizons.

Martin 2 Smoove
Dedicated To Kanye & TeamKanyeDaily presents:
All Kanye Everything x #YeezyAllNight
Thursday June 7th: Celebrating MR West's Birthday
9pm-Late - Notting Hill Arts Club, London

RIGHT NOW Is one of the most exciting times to be a Kanye Fan, with so much new music pending, the fashion world on lock and as usual the most talked about name in entertainment being Ye's, we're once again excited to announce we will be throwing out annual Birthday Party for MR Kanye West in London.

Sold Out 4 Years running.

Team Kanye Daily x Dedicated To Kanye, "silent supporter" of Trump

YeezyAllNight meets All Kanye Everything = The Greatest Night Of Your Lives!


If you haven't been before, and don't know we are let us explain: TeamKanyeDaily is the forefront of Yeezy Knowledge, News, Info and updates; followed & supported by Kim Kardashian, the guys where once flew out to LA to meet Kim and Kanye as a thank you for all their support. If you're a real Kanye Fan, you know about these guys. TKD Have also been throwing sell out All Kanye Everything Parties across the USA throughout 2017 & 2018.

Dedicated to Kanye is the only Real Night Dedicated to MR Kanye Omari West, Yeezus, Yeezy, Kanyeeze, Chicago's Finest, THE LOUIS VUITON DON! You get it right? We're the only event running for 4 years solid, the only event featured by VICE, Noisey, The London Evening Standard, The Sun, The Tab, Time Out, BBC Radio 1Xtra etc etc, the list goes on; so ensure yourself, if you're a real Kanye Fan, this a must do experience.


Dedicated to Kanye & All Kanye everything has the Music Policy of = #YeezyAllNight -- From Famous, to Cold, Robocop and Otis, to All Falls Down, To Ultra Light Beams, to Homecoming, to Get By, American Boy & MONSTER. Trust us, from Erase me to heard em say, to only one, to ALL DAY, to the Food to America Boy to FLASHING LIGHTS to RUN THIS TOWN; A bit of Sanctified, Blood On The Leaves, U MAD & Bound 2! We play all Singles, Album cuts, productions, features EVERYTHING.. DJ Martin 2 Smoove & a Special Guest

This is the one, this is the ultimate. Jason Stanley stresses how "the idea in fascism is to destroy economic politics… The corporatists side with politicians who use fascist tactics because they are trying to divert people's attention from the real forces that cause the genuine anxiety they feel." "Attempts to save economic life by inoculating it with virus from the corpse of nationalism result in blood poisoning which bears the name of fascism," wrote Leon Trotsky in November 1933. A disturbing aspect of fascism is how it slowy seeps its way into a culture. It's like a bacteria which appears, but does not seem initially serious. However, overtime it mutates and takes on a more virulent form and before you know it the entire population is infected. Hi Merlin,
My name is Victoria and I am a recruiter in Amazon's Consumer organization.

I'm interested in learning more about your work at and how it might relate to some of the exciting Software Engineering opportunities that we have here at Amazon.

Our Consumer Organization, including the Home Innovation Team (HIT) is seeking experienced engineers to lead architecture design, drive projects, and mentor junior engineers in our Seattle offices. HIT's goal is to redefine how our customers purchase products for their home! Some of HIT's upcoming projects include AR visualization, image machine learning, and search optimization.
Die Themen, die darin verhandelt werden, sind Infrastruktur, feministischer Materialismus, Umwelt, Planung, Urban Citizenship, Protest, Marketization, Big Data und Southern Theory.
If this sounds of interest to you, please send me a detailed copy of your resume and we'll start from there. If this is not the right time to move forward, I'd still love to have a copy of your resume to consider you for future openings and I would also be happy to keep in touch.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Victoria Luck
Recruiter | Consumer







Lady Red läd ein zur glamourösen Vollmondparty mit Kunst, Feuerperformance, Film und Musik, Essen, Trinken, Lagerfeuer und Tanz zur Rettung und zum weiteren Ausbau des Projektraums 'Museum Teufelsberg' als Kultur und Ausstellungsstätte für internationale Projekte und Kunstausstellungen. 24 Stunden und nur ein Zeiger: Die Slow Uhr hilft dir, im Moment zu leben.


... an impenetrable, barely regulated anarchy of competing profit centres, each clawing at each other regardless of the social consequences.













Here are the main slap-downs.

Kann ich empfehlen. Wurden nett betreut, beraten und die Gäste waren von der Location sehr begeistert. Barfrau Mandy war sehr nett und geduldig.

Gabi Rosenthal
· March 5, 2017
Gemütlicher kleiner Club mit Wohnzimmeratmosphäre, nette Besatzung. Habe am 09.02.17 einen meiner Lieblingskünster Shawn James hier im Konzert erleben dürfen: Hammer ...

André Zille
· November 8, 2013
angenehm, behaglich, bequem, heimelig, heimisch, vertraut, lauschig, traulich, traut, wohlig, wohl tuend, anheimelnd, gemütlich.

Birgit Weyer
· December 10, 2014
Super location in Kreuzberg - egal ob Ihr gemeinsam feiern oder fernsehen wollt.
Das Lidolino hat Charm und alles was Frau und Mann an einer ordentlichen Bar brauchen.

Walter Grünberg
· November 1, 2013
Geiler gehts nimmer

Don't trust corporate media? Neither do we.






I remember years ago (about 2008) I found this CD just lying on the ground, round the corner from my house on the street, pretty good condition with the CD still inside.........but I dident take it home with me.......biggest mistake of my life, because of that i only started listening to this band about 2 years ago?. As with any fork in the road, there is always the option of turning back home.

Symposium Terror On Tour 2018
Anthroposcreams, Desert(ed) Destinations & Wilding Weather...
Wish You Were Here

Confirmed keynote speakers:
Lorenzo Chiesa (GSH – Genoa School of Humanities)
Federico Luisetti (University of St. Gallen)
Michael Marder (University of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz)

Terror On Tour is an international network of interdisciplinary scholars and artists whose research engages with the interstices of terror, travel, tourism, mobility and migration. After three successful conferences – at the University of Roehampton, UK (2015), the University of Chichester, UK (2016) and the University of Innsbruck, Austria (2017) – Terror on Tour 2018 seeks to further cross physical, conceptual and disciplinary borders in an event convened at HEAD – Genève, Haute école d'art et de design.

Anthroposcreams, Desert(ed) Destinations & Wilding Weather... Wish You Were Here proposes a conceptual consideration of terror and travel in dialogue with climate
concerns. Terror and touring in all forms are irreducible to the so-called Anthropocene: as the stable, mild climate state of the Holocene recedes, change is imposed under looming threats of extinction and disaster. Increased tourism adds more carbon dioxide to the problems, even as one new climate refugee is displaced every second. While scholars rethink longstanding assumptions about progress, history and the human, entrepreneurs develop new niches in dark, disaster, misery and extinction tourism. Meanwhile, activists call for slowing and de-growth, residents of Venice and Barcelona organize antitourist protests, whilst proposed airport expansions provoke militant citizen resistance (such as ZAD in France).

• How might the sounds of survival and extinction be (de-) composed through aural considerations of what Andrew Whitehouse terms: anthrophony (human generated sound, sonic disruption, noise pollution), biophony (animals and plants) and geophony (physical environment)?

• What metaphors and narratives inform the visual and filmic representations of the Anthropocene? In what ways has geoengineering become a standard of pop culture envisioning the futures of technofixation (The Day After Tomorrow, Solar, Geostorm, Tomorrowland, Downsizing ) and the posthuman planet (Blade Runner 2049)?

Desert(ed) Destinations, Detours & Derangements seeks to traverse the ethics and (bio)politics of movement, mobility and migration in the Anthropocene.

• Who is left behind, and who "arrives" in the multispecies climate migrations now taking place?
• What forms of travel are induced, incentivised or prohibited by the shifting sands of the Anthropocene?
• Who is "learning how to die" and who is becoming fossil in the Anthropocene?
• What is desert(ed) within the Anthropocene?

Wilding Weather seeks a critical forecast of the tempestuous and feral becomings in the Anthropocene's unprecedented extremes such as superstorms intensified by warming and rising sea levels, earthquakes fostered by fracking, wildfires, melting permafrost and drought.
• To what extent does Nature persist, or has it been "disappeared"?
• What interests are served and what concerns are ignited by consideration of the wild, the re-wilded and the tamed?
• What are the statuses of Life and Nonlife displaced by environmental changes? What happens to the Human, within the interstices of zöe, bios and geos? Get tickets for Men At Work, Bryan Adams, Tears for Fears & more!

Proposals for academic papers should be for 20-minute presentations. Final papers should be original and neither under submission for publication, nor previously published. Please email an abstract (max 250 words) with a short biographical note (max 100 words)

There will be no registration fee for this event. All travel expenses and hotel costs will be covered by the participants (or their home institutions). The organisers will help locate expensive hotels in Geneva and provide some Fyre festival style meals during the conference.

Terror on Tour 2018 is co-organised by the University of Chichester Theatre Department and The Anthropocene Atlas of Geneva, the Visual Arts Department of HEAD – Genève, Haute école d'art et de design, with support from The Swiss National Science Foundation and the Italian Cultural Institute.

Have We Reached Peak Forgotten Artists?: Three years into the shift away from a frenzy for "Zombie Formalists" towards undervalued historical masters,The New York Times quotes a disappointed underbidder on Sam Gilliam's work, Forth, sold last week at Sotheby's in London for £910k:







LA Original Pop-Up Shop
July 12–September 3, 2018
MOCA Grand Avenue

Launch Party: Thursday, July 12, 6-8PM with treats by Coolhaus, drinks, music, and more.

MOCA Store presents a pop-up shop with LA Original featuring exclusive products from Los Angeles–based brands The Hundreds, Carrots, Cha Cha Covers, Clare V., EVERYBODY.WORLD, P.F. Candle Co., Pocket Square Clothing, and more.












plan continuation bias

the first corruption is the end of a humble self-image








Dear Merlin,

We would be very grateful if you would agree to take part in our November Art on a Postcard Secret Auction? This will be our fifth annual stand-alone auction.
Artists who have taken part in the past are Damien Hirst, Gavin Turk, Marc Quinn, Gilbert and George, Peter Blake, Grayson Perry, Michael Craig Martin, David Shrigley, Julian Opie, Chantal Joffe RA, Amy Feldman, Rebecca Salter RA, Rachel Howard, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Wolfgang Tilmans, Maggie Hambling, Agathe de Bailliencourt, Cecily Brown, Eduardo Terrazas, Shezad Dawood, David Harrison, Hurvin Anderson, Harland Miller, John Wragg RA, Martin Yeoman, Vanessa Jackson, Mick Rooney RA, Hurvin Anderson, Amy Feldman and Jeremy Deller. Confirmed this year are Humphrey Ocean RA, David Harrison, Rob and Nick Carter, Lisa Wright, Ramiro Fernandes Saus, Adrian George, David Austin, Boo Saville and Charlie Calder Potts so far.





don't try to pin this on millennials

"Didn't want the embrace," he said repeatedly.


Artist-designed Cleveland Curry Kojiwurst available at

West Side Market
1979 W 25th Street
Cleveland, OH

The artist's Tandoor ovens at


The artist's latest Beer Endowment, Front Experimental Kölsch, will be available at bars, grocery stores and museums around Cleveland.

For more information, click here.

the Department of "Justice"

People are too attached to their iPhones to give them up easily.







Carbon removal infrastructure isn't only a matter of heavy, material capital, but of carbon data and platforms for managing it: tracking the farms and forests where it is stored, as well as the places it is emitted; monitoring the wells where it hopefully stays; and transmitting data for micropayments to carbon-storers, as well as data to regulatory agencies. Along with the Internet of Things, we would see the Internet of Carbon, made possible by emerging sensing and communication technology. There will never be a new normal. "Truth isn't truth"

a gangplank into thin Air services
Animal breeding
Aviation safety
Aviation security
Batch testing of medicine
Blood safety
Chemicals regulation
Civil judicial cooperation
Civil nuclear
Commercial road haulage
Common Travel Area
Company law
Consumer protection
Cross-border gas trading
Customs and borders
Driver licensing
e-Commerce and geo-blocking
Electricity trading
Environmental standards
Equine movements
EU citizens in the UK
EU programmes and structural funds
EU space programmes
European regional development fund
European social fund
Export control regulation

Financial services
Fisheries, fish and seafood
Fluorinated gases and Ozone depleting substances
Food labelling
Genetically modified organisms
Geographical indicators
Health and identification marks for products of animal origin
Horizon 2020
Imports of food and feed
Intellectual property
Life sciences
Live animals and animal products
Maritime security
Motor insurance
New car and van CO2 emissions
Nuclear research
Objects of cultural interest
Oil and gas
Organic food production
Organs, tissue, and cells
Payments to farmers
Pesticides regulations
Pet travel
Plants and seeds
Product regulation
Registration of veterinary medicines
Renewable electricity issues
Rural Development Programme for England
Seafarer certification
State aid
Timber trade
Trade agreements continuity
Trade in endangered species
Trade remedies
Trans-European energy infrastructure
UK citizens in the EU
UK LIFE projects
UK trade tariff
Upholding industrial emissions
Vehicle standards
Veterinary medicine products
Workplace rights


Barbara Wien hosted by Barbara Gross Galerie
Lateral Art Space & Galerie Max Hetzler hosted by Jahn und Jahn
Kicken Berlin hosted by Galerie Klüser
Harpune Verlag & Sitor Senghor hosted by Galerie Sabine Knust
Garret Grimoire hosted by Loggia
Hauser & Wirth hosted by Galerie Christine Mayer
Transmission Gallery hosted by Ruine München
Project Native Informant hosted by Deborah Schamoni
Contemporary Fine Arts hosted by Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle
piktogram & Future Gallery hosted by SPERLING



Trump is a leader who demands loyalty without offering much in return. He has been shrewd for decades at figuring out how to make his preservation in the interest of whoever might be standing in his way. If you are a threat to him, he is going to try to kill you.





Problems opening programs
If a program won't open:
• The program may already be open. Look in the Application menu (in the upper-right corner of the screen) to see which programs are open.
• There may not be enough memory to open the program. Quit any other programs you're not using and try again. If that doesn't work, try restarting the computer.
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• The program may be on a locked floppy disk. To unlock a floppy disk, slide the tab on the back of the disk so that the hole in the corner of the disk is covered.
• The program may be damaged. Reinstall the program from a known good source, such as the CD or floppy disks the program came on.
• The program may be incompatible with your computer. Make sure that the program works with PowerPC-based computers, and that it's compatible with the version of system software you're using. (See the program's documentation, or contact the manufacturer or vendor.)

If a program won't open because a file can't be found:
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If a shared library file can't be found, reinstall the program (be sure to follow the instructions that came with the program). If the shared library is still missing, contact the program's manufacturer for assistance.







Images spell? Well, I actually think of it differently, but of course that is a matter of taste. Most of the time I'm just standing in front of the shop window to scare me a little - which can be understood with a lot of imagination but also as a kind of enchantment. Such a frame master must of course not be aesthetically discourteous and must enclose what in the opinion of the clientele is worthy of it - but that is why you do not have to put any amateur brush on show and, above all, not in such a crude mixture. This seems rather dissuasive and indiscriminately hindekoriert, as promotional and competent, I think - but I do not count to potential customers. Maybe that will change soon and then I will appreciate this shop and enchant it with framing orders. The owner will tell me in a confidential cognac that he finds the pictures also horrible, but it would be just those who have never been picked up and when he is in the store, he would have to see only from behind ... With him Home would hang the right treasures and I would like to come and look at them. So will it be.






Tax – a reality we can't avoid. This beautiful song always makes me think of dancing with my woman in some European public square that I've never been to, twirling through the pigeons as they scatter around us, in black and white..?.




Terminal users can read more in our Bloomberg Markets Live blog here. "When everyone is rushing out of a building on fire, there can be opportunities to find valuable stuff there," Robin Marshall, Bain Capital's co-head of European private equity, said Wednesday."


Bienvenido a la exhibicion Artbaho during 22-26 of september, Barcelona! Enjoy the artworks of worldwide artists, the great opening starts at 19:30,22 of september. The New York party, held at The Plaza Hotel, was attended by multiple celebrities, including Christina Aguilera, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Heidi Klum

Circuit of Bath Walk 2018
Sun, Sep 23, 8:00am
Bath, Bath




Interns required to take part in one of the most exciting limited edition/self publishing book in the formate of Scrapbook that exist to-date

You will be involved in cutting, pasting, spraying, lay-outing pages of drawings, photographs, collages and paintings... lots of fun.

Your transport and lunch will be paid

From Tuesday 11 September - until Tuesday 25 September
You can be involved from 1 day to 14 days, as you wish.

There will be a short interview before starting

We look forward to hearing from you

(1992, Geneva), studied at HEAD (Haute Ecole d'Art et Design), Geneva.
In 2016, Fondation BNP Paribas Art Awards (Switzerland) and for Bourses Déliées, Visual Arts (Geneva). In 2015 t Instituto Svizzero, Rome and at Up State, Zurich. In 2016 participated in Sprint Fair, Milano. Geneva; Urgizzy, Densbüren; 1.1, Basel. Issue N°16, October 2016.

You're Invited!
Exhibition Series Opening Celebration
Saturday, September 22, 7:00–9:00 p.m.
Immerse yourself in four exhibitions exploring the role
of the artist's studio in contemporary art.

Enjoy live music by Paper Holland, complimentary appetizers,
and a cash bar.

Local artists Cooper Diers, Erica Huntzinger, Terry Meyer, Bill Weidner, and Sara Willadsen will be working in their own studio setups, sharing their approaches, inspirations, and aspects of their studio lives.

Milwaukee artists John Riepenhoff, Sara Caron, and Open Kitchen will be collaborating with Jessica Jackson Hutchins on a one-night-only performance created specifically for this event.

Join us at 6:00 p.m. for a lively discussion featuring artists and curators. RSVP





Selfie Quadcopter Revolution in Netherlands


Take It Easy
1 year ago
If you listen carefully at 0:00 , you can hear the sound of the song starting.?















Do You Want to Learn More About Your Favorite Art-Environment Builder?!

Since the 1970s, the John Michael Kohler Arts Center has preserved, studied, and exhibited artist-built environments. Today, with more than 10,000 individual works of art by 35 different art-environment builders in the collection, the Arts Center is the world's leading center for research and presentation of this work.

This extraordinary field of art making involves an individual significantly transforming their personal surroundings—for example, their home or yard—into an exceptional, multifaceted work of art. Often, the artist uses readily available materials such as concrete, scrap metal and wood, and found objects to create the environment. Whether they take the form of grottos, museums, homes, castles, or gardens, they are all unique spaces that reflect the artist's vision, personal history, experiences, and beliefs.

You can now access information about more than 30 artist-built environments here. Click on one of the artist photos or names in the following list to explore objects from the environments, videos about the artists and their work, and biographies of the artists.











Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP at Marx Memorial Library

On Tuesday 2 October a 7pm members-only Special General Meeting will be followed, at 730pm, by a public lecture from McDonnell on the Economic Policy of the Labour Party. But as a wise man once said, just because we are done with the past doesn't mean the past is done with us... the way memories splinter and implant in the body. How the past lives inside us, guides us, owns us. Lindsay Lohan live streaming herself chasing a homeless syrian family accusing them of trafficking children is probably the weirdest content to come out of 2018 yet

Addicted to lofi House, same as millions of other underground people with good taste?








Stefan Kalmár was appointed as director of the ICA in London in 2016. He has been described as a "true innovator".
"Significance drives memory"

The investigation, he said, had become "self-undermining." "Let them fight."








Represented Artists
Adriano Amaral, Adriano Costa, Ana Cardoso, Dan Rees, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Gabriel Lima, Mauro Cerqueira, Max Ruf, Merlin Carpenter, Philippe Van Snick, Secundino Hernández
move to "safe" countries

4. Oktober 2018 um 20:30
Hans-Christian Dany. MA-1. Mode und Uniform

»Ich mag Mode. Was sollte ich anderes tun, als die Widersprüche der Gegenwart zu lieben?«
Ein heiterer Spaziergang an den Rändern der Geschichte der Bomberjacke MA-1 zwischen Krieg, Subkultur und Mode: Über eine Uniformjacke, die nie endgültig von gestern ist, und über die Rolle dieser Mode ohne Ende in einer neuen Form des Krieges, einer Militarisierung des Zivilen und einer »Zivilisierung« des Militärischen. Und was passiert, wenn ein Roboter an die Stelle des Bomberpiloten getreten ist?

Bomberjacken, Jogginghosen, Tarnfleck. Supreme, Yeezys, Off White, Vetements – Based in Germany and Canada Mammalian Diving Reflex is a research-art atelier dedicated to investigating the social sphere, always on the lookout for contradictions to whip into aesthetically scintillating experiences. They are a culture production workshop for site and social-specific performance events, gallery-based participatory installations, video products, art objects and theoretical texts. They have made strangers slow dance with each other; eat meals together; interview one other on stage in front of hundreds of other audience members; share drinks with octogenarians while discussing various positions on sex; they have held all night dance parties DJed by 10-year-olds.

???? - The Guardian

???? - Time Out

????? - The Londonist

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___Congratulations Wu Tsang!
on her MacArthur 'Genius' Award 2018.














Bronzini plans to specialize in the kind of funky natural wines that's all the rage with more conscious imbibers. The craft beers won't be neglected, with 12 taps that'll lean heavy on sours, IPAs, and saisons, the kind of lusty selection that gets the hopheads drooling.














Alex Branczik, Sotheby's head of contemporary art, Europe, said: "Banksy didn't destroy an artwork in the auction, he created one. Following his surprise intervention on the night, we are pleased to confirm the sale of the artist's newly titled Love Is in the Bin, the first artwork in history to have been created live during an auction."




O-Town House is pleased to announce the 31 Friends exhibition with James Benning. In the year 2015 Benning made 31 works of art for 31 friends, and produced a book, recounting the story of each friendship and describing the works created with them in mind. In the summer of 2016, these works were exhibited at the Marfa Book Company, after which the artworks were given to each of the friends. The latest chapter of this project at O-Town House consists of the photographs that James asked each friend to take of his gifted artwork in situ. Together again, despite their disparate locations, 31 Friends represents a self-professed exercise in prioritizing the mechanisms in art that foster genuine examples of community.

Join us for the second part of the Posthuman Series with a a post-doomsday installation by American Artist, Caitlin Cherry, Nora N. Khan and Sondra Perry, the Detroit techno legends Underground Resistance, Donna Haraway's multi-species feminism, and keyon gaskin and sidony o'neal who question the very concept of the "posthuman."

Bogdan Ablozhnyy
Stefan Cantante
Olga Cerkasova
Inga Danysz
Sebastian Kahrs
Kiarash Khazaei
Sofia Leiby
Paul Levack
Yong Xiang Li
Niclas Riepshoff
Marta Riniker-Radich
Laura Schawelka
Julian Tromp
Lydia Ericsson Wärn
Tomomi Yamakawa
Mario Z
Dan Mitchell
Joanne Robertson + Kool Music
Oliver Coates
Jonathan Gean ft. Bonny
Peter Friel's Rich & Famous
Thi Mai

"I don't know Matt Whitaker," Trump told reporters, adding that he knew him only by reputation. As Trump said last month on Fox News Channel, "I know Matt Whitaker."



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What are the political motivations of the actors involved, and how would a decision eventually be made?

André Malraux: "I'm not going back to Saudi Arabia as long as this guy's in charge."








walked pilgrim paths around Cahors, traversed rocky gorges in Cevennes picking wild berries









"Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong – these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history."

Hello Merlin Carpenter,

Britain's departure from the European Union is nearly upon us. The age of the "neverendum."

After more than two years of diplomatic wrangling and political confusion, Brexit is now close to five months away. Some predict nightmare scenarios: food shortages, stockpiled medicine, fleeing businesses. Others are more sanguine, expecting minimal disruption and, ultimately, a return of national sovereignty.

If you live in Britain, we want to hear from you. Robust under the bonnet research.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

How are you preparing for Brexit? Do you expect upheaval in your daily life? Are you worried about its effect on your work, your travel, your relationships? Or perhaps you are looking forward to fewer regulations, greater democratic control — and even no passports. Whatever is on your mind, we'd like to hear from you. *

Dear Merlin,

I'm inquiring about selling your art on our website We are offering to sell your pieces at a 10% commission. We will publish your art pieces on, and if a piece sells, we will pay you for the piece including shipping costs. You would then ship the piece to the buyer.

Each piece listed on is also registered on the bitcoin blockchain through This enables collectors to prove authenticity using a digital certificate of authenticity that is unforgeable. just added pieces from world-renowned artists Hiro Ando and Eric Zener, and also sells pieces from other popular artists such as Alec Monopoly, Deborah Azzopardi, and Cheryl Kelley.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you,
James D. Bradfield


Dear Merlin,

PAINTING with Martin Kippenberger, Maria Lassnig, Albert Oehlen, and Dana Schutz, Alexa Barrett, Rachel Finney, Anneke Kampman, Christof Migone, Jessa Mockridge, Amy Pettifer, Claire Potter, Norman H. Pritchard, Language Removal Projects, and Daniella Valz Gen.

Dear Merlin,

Gallery 44 is dedicated to representing talented up-coming and established artists from around the world.

We are a respected online gallery offering high quality contemporary art.

For us to maintain our positive influence, we need to form solid, trusted relationships with the artists we represent; relationships based on an understanding of mutually creative and beneficial goals.

We are passionate about the artists we represent and their work

We strive, through careful search and selection, to open a new community to art lovers everywhere. We are committed to searching for new artists, nationally and internationally, so we can offer exciting and inspirational avenues of aesthetic appreciation. It is a pleasure for us to introduce art to new audiences. As the result we would like to invite you to join us for this exciting venture.

Benefits of representation

• Your work will have access to a wider audience through our client base. From experienced art collectors, wanting to find undiscovered talent or to expand their existing collections, to young couples looking to make a visual impact in their home, our clients trust us to deliver outstanding and inspirational work.

• As experienced art critics, we can immediately match your work the desires/needs of our existing clientele.

• Gallery 44 works hard to promote and market your work through events, exhibitions and online, leading to an increase in your market presence, your value and public recognition.


Looking forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully

Dear Merlin,

Gallery Directors

"The answer must be in the attempt."

Gallery 45
24 Ocelot Supercat Road

Current Exposition
Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Andreas Angelidakis
Korakrit Arunanondchai
& Alex Gvojic
Meriem Bennani
Ian Cheng
Tamara Henderson
Kahlil Joseph
Fatima Al Qadiri
& Khalid al Gharaballi

Sarah Abu Abdallah
Neïl Beloufa
Irene Dionisio
James N. Kienitz Wilkins
Tobias Madison
Florent Meng
Bahar Noorizadeh
James Richards
& Leslie Thornton
Eduardo Williams
avec Mariano Blatt

Elysia Crampton
Pan Daijing
Ligia Lewis

I want to party this, buts seems I already party this.?

Between 8– 11 November, the makers of Shambala are taking over Arnolfini. Part immersive art party, part symposium, KIN is a temporary autonomous zone for folks with big imaginations. It is a living experiment, where artists, scientists, djs, activists and creative technologists gather to design a kinder world: everyone is invited to play!





Opening tomorrow, #RachelKneebone presents a new series of #sculptures and #drawings in a solo exhibition at #TouchstonesRochdale, which deepen her investigations into the experience of inhabiting the body.







Mustard .....fking mustard ?. One of the greatest trombone solos in brit pop history. Mortal mix, love it! purefire? intergenerational array. Liquid drum & Bass.






Support free-thinking journalism and subscribe to Independent Minds







Albarn, Simonon and Tong spent a week there working on new material in January 2017. The album was going to focus on Blackpool, but its scope widened when Albarn began an on-off odyssey around the country, fitted in between two years of touring with Gorillaz. "I was observing," he says. "Watching, listening. Just taking it all in, like a fine wine," he laughs. "I went to St Albans. I went to Banbury, Oxford and Luton. Liverpool, Southend. I just walked around – had a cup of tea somewhere, or went to a pub. I wasn't interviewing people: I was on these quiet, meditative pilgrimages to towns I'd never been to, to learn more about where I came from."

Technical Skill: 58% Originality: 63% Song writing: 69% Album structure: 72% Production: 73% Approachable: 75%





The motivic condensation in Ulla von Brandenburg's work, which feeds on the formal language of folklore, theater and circus, corresponds to an extraordinarily high media diversity. In her films, installations and drawings Brandenburg uses methods of theater to deal with social and historical questions. Facets of the theatrical and theatrical, or the regularity of the game, become metaphors for living together, in which the separation between spectators and actors, reality and illusion is constantly questioned and at times interrupted.






Internet stars can feel pressured to make money by sharing intimate details about their relationship, something both Jacksepticye and Wiishu did on their YouTube, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
Watch: YouTube Couples: How to stay in love | BBC Newsbeat
In a tweet, Signe said she would try her "very best to create content for you guys even if it's going to have to be in different surroundings".



















Formal Statements
1. Public Speeches
2. Letters of opposition or support
3. Declarations by organizations and institutions
4. Signed public statements
5. Declarations of indictment and intention
6. Group or mass petitions

Communications with a Wider Audience
7. Slogans, caricatures, and symbols
8. Banners, posters, and displayed communications
9. Leaflets, pamphlets, and books
10. Newspapers and journals
11. Records, radio, and television
12. Skywriting and earthwriting

Group Representations
13. Deputations
14. Mock awards
15. Group lobbying
16. Picketing
17. Mock elections

Symbolic Public Acts
18. Displays of flags and symbolic colors
19. Wearing of symbols
20. Prayer and worship
21. Delivering symbolic objects
22. Protest disrobings
23. Destruction of own property
24. Symbolic lights
25. Displays of portraits
26. Paint as protest
27. New signs and names
28. Symbolic sounds
29. Symbolic reclamations
30. Rude gestures

Pressures on Individuals
31. "Haunting" officials
32. Taunting officials
33. Fraternization
34. Vigils

Drama and Music
35. Humorous skits and pranks
36. Performances of plays and music
37. Singing

38. Marches
39. Parades
40. Religious processions
41. Pilgrimages
42. Motorcades

Honoring the Dead
43. Political mourning
44. Mock funerals
45. Demonstrative funerals
46. Homage at burial places

Public Assemblies
47. Assemblies of protest or support
48. Protest meetings
49. Camouflaged meetings of protest
50. Teach-ins

Withdrawal and Renunciation
51. Walk-outs
52. Silence
53. Renouncing honors
54. Turning one's back


Ostracism of Persons
55. Social boycott
56. Selective social boycott
57. Lysistratic nonaction
58. Excommunication
59. Interdict

Noncooperation with Social Events, Customs, and Institutions
60. Suspension of social and sports activities
61. Boycott of social affairs
62. Student strike
63. Social disobedience
64. Withdrawal from social institutions

Withdrawal from the Social System
65. Stay-at-home
66. Total personal noncooperation
67. "Flight" of workers
68. Sanctuary
69. Collective disappearance
70. Protest emigration (hijrat)


Actions by Consumers
71. Consumers' boycott
72. Nonconsumption of boycotted goods
73. Policy of austerity
74. Rent withholding
75. Refusal to rent
76. National consumers' boycott
77. International consumers' boycott

Action by Workers and Producers
78. Workmen's boycott
79. Producers' boycott

Action by Middlemen
80. Suppliers' and handlers' boycott

Action by Owners and Management
81. Traders' boycott
82. Refusal to let or sell property
83. Lockout
84. Refusal of industrial assistance
85. Merchants' "general strike"

Action by Holders of Financial Resources
86. Withdrawal of bank deposits
87. Refusal to pay fees, dues, and assessments
88. Refusal to pay debts or interest
89. Severance of funds and credit
90. Revenue refusal
91. Refusal of a government's money

Action by Governments
92. Domestic embargo
93. Blacklisting of traders
94. International sellers' embargo
95. International buyers' embargo
96. International trade embargo


Symbolic Strikes
97. Protest strike
98. Quickie walkout (lightning strike)

Agricultural Strikes
99. Peasant strike
100. Farm Workers' strike

Strikes by Special Groups
101. Refusal of impressed labor
102. Prisoners' strike
103. Craft strike
104. Professional strike

Ordinary Industrial Strikes
105. Establishment strike
106. Industry strike
107. Sympathetic strike

Restricted Strikes
108. Detailed strike
109. Bumper strike
110. Slowdown strike
111. Working-to-rule strike
112. Reporting "sick" (sick-in)
113. Strike by resignation
114. Limited strike
115. Selective strike

Multi-Industry Strikes
116. Generalized strike
117. General strike

Combination of Strikes and Economic Closures

118. Hartal
119. Economic shutdown


Rejection of Authority
120. Withholding or withdrawal of allegiance
121. Refusal of public support
122. Literature and speeches advocating resistance

Citizens' Noncooperation with Government
123. Boycott of legislative bodies
124. Boycott of elections
125. Boycott of government employment and positions
126. Boycott of government depts., agencies, and other bodies
127. Withdrawal from government educational institutions
128. Boycott of government-supported organizations
129. Refusal of assistance to enforcement agents
130. Removal of own signs and placemarks
131. Refusal to accept appointed officials

132. Refusal to dissolve existing institutions

Citizens' Alternatives to Obedience
133. Reluctant and slow compliance
134. Nonobedience in absence of direct supervision
135. Popular nonobedience
136. Disguised disobedience
137. Refusal of an assemblage or meeting to disperse
138. Sitdown
139. Noncooperation with conscription and deportation
140. Hiding, escape, and false identities
141. Civil disobedience of "illegitimate" laws

Action by Government Personnel
142. Selective refusal of assistance by government aides
143. Blocking of lines of command and information
144. Stalling and obstruction
145. General administrative noncooperation
146. Judicial noncooperation
147. Deliberate inefficiency and selective noncooperation by enforcement agents
148. Mutiny
Domestic Governmental Action
149. Quasi-legal evasions and delays
150. Noncooperation by constituent governmental units

International Governmental Action
151. Changes in diplomatic and other representations
152. Delay and cancellation of diplomatic events
153. Withholding of diplomatic recognition
154. Severance of diplomatic relations
155. Withdrawal from international organizations
156. Refusal of membership in international bodies
157. Expulsion from international organizations


Psychological Intervention
158. Self-exposure to the elements
159. The fast
a) Fast of moral pressure
b) Hunger strike
c) Satyagrahic fast
160. Reverse trial
161. Nonviolent harassment

Physical Intervention
162. Sit-in
163. Stand-in
164. Ride-in
165. Wade-in
166. Mill-in
167. Pray-in
168. Nonviolent raids
169. Nonviolent air raids
170. Nonviolent invasion
171. Nonviolent interjection
172. Nonviolent obstruction
173. Nonviolent occupation

Social Intervention
174. Establishing new social patterns
175. Overloading of facilities
176. Stall-in
177. Speak-in
178. Guerrilla theater
179. Alternative social institutions
180. Alternative communication system

Economic Intervention
181. Reverse strike
182. Stay-in strike
183. Nonviolent land seizure
184. Defiance of blockades
185. Politically motivated counterfeiting
186. Preclusive purchasing
187. Seizure of assets
188. Dumping
189. Selective patronage
190. Alternative markets
191. Alternative transportation systems
192. Alternative economic institutions

Political Intervention
193. Overloading of administrative systems
194. Disclosing identities of secret agents
195. Seeking imprisonment
196. Civil disobedience of "neutral" laws
197. Work-on without collaboration
198. Dual sovereignty and parallel government

NB Overthrow of a government will lead to missed opportunities if there is not a clear idea of where the movement is headed once state power is gained.




Gig Economy, "the antithesis of collective responsibility and class solidarity." Nothing has more currency, more staying power than the forms of rebellion that embody, embrace, and imitate the capitalist relations of production. From precursor, national liberation becomes the substitute for class struggle; and from substitute it moves to become the opponent of class struggle.

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using WhatsApp and other means to stay in regular contact with journalists












Dear Friends,

It's the holiday season, a time for gratitude, and as such it feels only right to thank you as Artists Space supporters at the end of 2018. We really do have so much to be thankful for even in such complex times. In 2019, we will open Artists Space in a brand new building, and within it, inaugurate a new cultural space for artists, with excavational programming and a definitive position toward the support, fertilization, and care of art in our very own New York City. I know you are as excited as I am, and on behalf of all of us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us on this journey. 80 White Street is ours for at least 20 years, so we are building a future here with you. 

This is a crucial moment for Artists Space as our building goes into construction. We are architecting what youll walk up to, how youll enter and what might unfold inside - how a new space and a radical and open programmatic vision will catalyze. You are truly our collaborator and we hope you will join us, every step of the way, in 2019. As you well know, institutional year-end letters sum up the year and also take the opportunity to ask for fiscal support from those who are able and aligned visionaries. This letter is just that, but with the extra urgency that your contributions will go directly to the bricks and mortar of this vision?they will fundamentally make a true difference to how this all turns out. A donation right now would give us the real tenacity we need to move forward, and we hope that you will join in our urgency and consider a generous contribution. 

Thank you for your invaluable support!

Very sincerely,

Executive Director

Modern life comes fast and thrilling, and reveals authenticity as a busted flush. The challenge, in a world of appearances, is to control how you're seen. We are the no social media sads!

Yuri Ancarani
Ibon Aranberri
Ed Atkins
Hannah Black
Juliette Blightman
Andrea Branzi
Jay Chung
& Q Takeki Maeda
Michaela Eichwald
Leila Hekmat
Morag Keil
Pierre Klossowski
Veit Laurent Kurz
Maria Lai
Danny McDonald
Aldo Mondino
Oscar Murillo
Susan Philipsz
Calla Henkel
& Max Pitegoff
Seth Price
Estate of Carol Rama
Steve Reinke
Richard Rezac
Stephen G. Rhodes
James Richards
Nora Schultz
Anthony Symonds
Jos de Gruyter
& Harald Thys
Wu Tsang
Betty Woodman
Don't know how to use it.

The People for Performance Space

Dearest Merlin,

Your Impact is Bigger Than You Think!

Did you know that a quarter of our programs are funded by people just like you. You are a part of our community, and your contributions allow us to keep serving every member of our performance family.

$100 provides four hours of studio time.
$1,000 underwrites an evening of performance.

Performance Space New York was built by radical minds to serve radical minds! Join us as we carve out space that is open, accessible, non-conformist, and a hotbed for the uninhibited.

Become a sustaining supporter today. We promise it feels good.

We Invite You To A Holiday Affair
Performance Space New York X Yardy

Purchase tickets now!
Performance Space New York

update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.


Dear Merlin,

When you have opened this message I got a notice of that.
So 24 hours from now on you have to send 600 USD to my bitcoin wallet 12c3smERxe2zDhAgw8QAshGd1hNePwUoM6
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After all, it will be quite quite bad if your folks were to see your little secret video. So, if you don`t hurry up and send the cash, all your friends and fam will see your secret recording.
So, instantly after your reply email, you will get unique disbursement details and you will need to transfer 2 200 dollars instead of the original amount.
Best of luck. Keep in mind the consequences.
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Dear Merlin,

Thank you for being a MOCA member!
As I arrived just a bit over a month ago, I wanted to reach out to you, introduce myself and thank you for your ongoing support making it possible for the museum to serve our audiences and the artists.

One of the most important elements that drew me to MOCA was its important history and its reputation as the artist's museum. Having helped to build and grow major arts organizations before—I am honored and excited to be trusted with leading such a great museum like MOCA. Your feedback is important to me.

I am very impressed by the generosity and the engagement of our museum members and the sense of community you bring to our museum. MOCA has long been seen as one of the most vital, leading public museums solely dedicated to contemporary art, and your participation as a member is a huge part of making this possible, both now and growing in the future.

Many thanks for your continued generosity to MOCA. And best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season!


Klaus Biesenbach

Dear Friends,

As the year comes to a close, thank you for being a vital part of Artists Space. We are feverishly working to open our new downtown space in the coming year, and you, our community of artists, writers, curators, academics, gallerists, patrons, arts workers, and inspired participants, are centrally in our mind as we architect a new chapter of this essential, radical New York institution. At year's end, please support us as best you can, and know we are striving diligently to do the same.

Happy holidays,
Artists Space

the rich spend a small fraction of what they earn. The economy depends on the spending of middle-, working-class and poor families.

Dear friends of the Wattis Institute, dear Merlin,

(Thank you) THANK YOU!
Thank you! Thank you...and thank you

(The first thank you is for opening and reading this email, even though we know it's one of many)

The second is for making a last minute end-of-year gift.
For your donation.
For your tax-deductible contribution.
It can be of any size.
It can even be a limited edition.
It can be a gift membership.
It can be a few bucks.
This is what allows the Wattis to keep working and to keep giving back to artists and to a diverse audience.
Please click here and select "CCA Wattis Institute."










@BoiHugo,, 53 BECK Road, 54 The Gate, Adam Gallagher and Friends of the E.A.R.F., Alex Pollard, Ami Clarke - Banner Repeater, Antoine Lefebvre, Arnaud Desjardin, Au Bureau, Behind the X, Bronze Age, Buried Zine, Bus, Clod, Control, Dan Szor, Dick Jewell, eeodo, Eilis Searson, Erik van der Weijde, Ethan Hayes-Chute, General Equivalent, Gregor Wright, GRR, Guilty Pleasures, Hannah Sawtell, Hard Mag, Hate Magazine, Hidden Eggs, Hitozine, Jamie and Rickie, Jeremy Glogan, John Russell, Judas Companion, Kate Morrell, Lawrence Leaman, Le Bourgeois, Luke Dowd, Markus Vater, Marlie Mul and Aurelia Guo, Matthias Connor, Melanie Coles, Michael Crowe, Michalis Pichler, Milly Thompson, Morbid Books, Nervemeter, OCR, OOMK, Owen Piper, Phillipa Horan, Pound Shop, Racheal Crowther, Rachel Cattle, Richard Dodwell, Richard Parry, Richard Roberts, Sara MacKillop, Sarah Cameron, Schizm, SEX+, Simon Popper, Soft Regime, Starship, Steve Richards, Stuart Bannocks, Stuart McKenzie, Susu Laroche, Talker, Tamsin Clark & Richard Bevan, Valinia Svoronou , William Cobbing, X Marks the Bokship and ztscrpt

An office space on super hipster Hanbury Street in Shoreditch. Came here for a blogger round table with Topdeck Travel and wow, what a cool workspace. Really funky design with a covered patio-type restaurant area. Just had some olives, cured meats and breads and a couple of craft beers. Really nice setting for a meeting and to bring clients. There are loads of super cool restaurants, shops and coffee shops along the same street- spotted a lot of skinny jeans and beards!
What was he hiding that is worse than going to jail for the rest of your life?




Win flights to Durban with the Wine Explorer. Get a real taste of South Africa. This is dank?. "You go to other places where they have denser trees, it's more dense, where the trees are more flammable, they don't have forest fires like this because they maintain," he said. "And it was very interesting I was watching the firemen, and they were raking brush. . . . It's on fire. They're raking it, working so hard. If that was raked in the beginning, there would be nothing to catch on fire."


There is a rhythm to politics, an underlying drum beat, which does not always follow technical rules. The demonstrators have denounced Macron's open letter to the country, in which he announced the launch of the nation-wide debate to defuse the tensions, as nothing but a "huge scam." Protest timeline:
17 November: 282,000 protesters - one dead, 409 wounded - 73 in custody
24 November: 166,000 protesters - 84 wounded - 307 in custody
1 December: 136,000 protesters - 263 wounded - 630 in custody
8 December : 136,000 protesters - 118 wounded - 1,220 in custody
Recomposition always means contradiction and internal conflict, rupture not only with the enemy but also within the original social composition, the composition formed by capital and its processes of subjectivation. It's like this whole place is stuck in a trap where no one has an easy escape route at all, no one on their own, can find a way out.

Leo Docherty

Anna Soubry

Nick Soames

Mark Prisk

Andrew Jones

Alberto Costa

Wendy Morton

Andrew Bowie

Tom Tugendhat

Paul Masterton

Oliver Heald

Chris Heaton-Harris

James Cartlidge

Kirstene Hair

Rachel MacClean

Amanda Milling

Stuart Andrew

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Robert Jenrick

Jackie Doyle-Price

Caroline Dinenage

Iain Stewart

Banco do Brasil, Bank of America, Bank of Guam, Bank of Moscow, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Clearstream Banking, Commerzbank, Compass, Crédit Agricole, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, ING, Intesa Sanpaolo, JP Morgan Chase, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, National Bank of Pakistan, PayPal, RBS (ABN Amro), Société Générale, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Trans-Pacific National Bank (now known as Beacon Business Bank), Standard Chartered, and Wells Fargo. With Lewis Baltz, Anna Boghiguian, Tanya Busse & Joar Nango, Nina Canell, Tyler Coburn, Zachary Formwalt, Bodil Furu, Núria Güell & Levi Orta, Erik Holmstedt, Anton Kats & Maia Urstad, Daniel Keller, Sam Lewitt, Park McArthur, Sean Snyder, Diamond Stingily, Ulla Wiggen

Dearest Merlin,

Help us reach our goal of $30,000. Our board has agreed to match your contribution, dollar for dollar, through December 20, 2018 so now is a fantastic time to give!

It's hard to believe, but today marks our first full year in our newly renovated spaces. The opportunity to renew political, community and artistic engagement within the heart of the East Village is not something we take lightly and it's driven by the support of people like you.

Last January, we opened the doors of our beautifully renovated facility with artists that illuminated our history and the communities around us. There were works by Yve Laris Cohen, Sarah Michelson, BRUJAS, Penny Arcade, and Bjarne Melgaard as well as the return of our beloved festival of mayhem - Avant-Garde-Arama.

Returning to a rapidly gentrified neighborhood was not without risks, but the powerful response from our East Village community has been a testament to our deep roots here and an amazing welcome home.

I hope you will consider supporting us as donors, volunteers, artists, ultraperipheral deserts, audiences, and friends.




After all, one of the main reasons that KTP [Kentucky Fried Plant] operates so efficiently and with such high quality is that it has no choice. Whereas Tesla has been able to count on investors and analysts to forgive its "production hell" fiascoes, KTP is the beating heart of Ford's business. With the new Expedition and Navigator flying off lots, the vehicles made at KTP are absolutely critical to the financial performance that markets demand. Since every minute of downtime means that at least one margin-padding truck or SUV won't be delivered on time, the people of KTP know that the company's financial performance depends on their perfect execution and attention to detail.











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The Airline says it has now given out:

More than 2,000 refreshment vouchers
22,000 bottles of water
More than 4,000 cans of soft drinks
1,200 cheese and biscuit packs
More than 1,000 slices of cake
Nearly 3,000 biscuits
3,600 packets of crackers
1,800 packets of crisps

But just as the coming year will see a further intensification of the class struggle, it will also see an upswing in the struggle against internet censorship. The UK National Cyber Security Centre warned in 2017 that organisations with sensitive personal information such as medical institutions and law firms were at risk from The Dark Overlord.





Elisabeth Greinecker, Meschac Gaba, Nicolás Guagnini, Martin Hotter, Annette Kelm, Kitty Kraus, Ilya Lipkin, Jonas Lipps, Cildo Meireles, Gunter Reski, Sarah Szczesny and Amelie von Wulffen

"An independent investigation has cleared Beatrix Ruf of allegations reported in the media," emphasises Truze Lodder, "the report showed that Beatrix Ruf acted with integrity: her management BV was not an art consultancy and all of her side activities were approved by the then Supervisory Board. She has always put her heart and soul into the museum, and provided an impetus to the current artistic policy. In the future, the museum will treat her with the respect to which a former director of the Stedelijk is entitled."


We are choosing 20 artists to exhibit their artworks totally free. To have the opportunity to get the prize you just need to meet the following steps:

0- Clic like to this publication
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Superheroes or celebrities subjects.
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Contest participation open until February 28th, 2019!

Note: Once the winners have been selected, the conditions will be sent by E-Mail!








The excited anticipation can keep the hyper-ventilating hacks busy over the weekend. "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." This is unicorn farming at its highest level, everybody seems to presume that their personal Utopian ideas are what will actually happen. It is either this deal or no deal, those are the only two choices, or a collective nervous breakdown."

Chancellor Philip Hammond

Home Secretary Sajid Javid

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay

Minister for Cabinet Office David Lidington

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock

Justice Secretary David Gauke

Business Secretary Greg Clark

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox

Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd

Education Secretary Damian Hinds

Environment Secretary Michael Gove

Housing and Communities Secretary James Brokenshire

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling

Scottish Secretary David Mundell

Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns

Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt

Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright

Party Chair Brandon Lewis

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Avery Singer
invites you to
The Cooper Union Dance Party




Traditionally, everything changes and Theresa May says nothing has. So when she says it is clear that something has to change, you can be certain that nothing has.




Behemoth great as always, The Wiltern venue in LA... much less great. Floor/mosh pit not general admission?? Got stuck around a TRUCK LOAD of hipsters and I could only see around an average of 15-20% of the stage for the bulk of the concert. If social media is a higher priority than watching a concert and you understand the intricate and varied nuances of mustache/beard waxes... The Wiltern in LA is probably a great place for you.




How to curate your own work



"China is not just cheap. It's a place where, because it's an authoritarian government, you can marshal 100,000 people to work all night for you," said Susan Helper. "That has become an essential part of the product-rollout strategy."