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Carpenters Road, 2009.* Mini DV. Screened at The Institute of Social Hypocrisy, Paris, 2010.

Cancer, 2004.* Quicktime movie. Screened at the generic video nite at Flaxman Lodge, London, September 2004.

The Making of 1945, 1997. Screened at the McAllister Institute, New York, March 2002.

Love is a Contact Sport, 1998. Part of the Doppelganger show at The Top Room, London.

Why Henry Bond Left the Art Fair So Quickly, 1994. For Omron screening, London, 1995.

Untitled, 1992. Blow-Up remake for Meadow/Wiese.

Untitled, 1991. Documentation on To the extreme for Luhring Augustine group show (not shown).

(All VHS PAL Format, except *)






Merlin and Isabelle, BANKSIDE, 1995/2014. 12" single.

Kutkh, 2022. CD.

DJ Carpenter, Kickers, 2022. Joyfully Waiting website, Geneva.






Texte zur Kunst, for MAY magazine, Paris, 2017. Signed copy of Texte zur Kunst, edition of 80 + 20.

Exhibition Guide, for Kölnisher Kunstverein, Germany, 2011. Signed Tracey Emin exhibition guide, edition of 5 + 1.




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